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Dale R Halsey * VSM MEMBER * on April 21, 2014 @9:48 am PST
Dear Florence, first of all I enjoy you and your husbands music tips. I play a Pearl flute, My questions i have some music that calls for a Cb fingering or D# none of my fingering charts show that. Is there a answer for that? Thankyou
Florence - host, on May 22, 2014 @11:55 am PST
Any time you have a flat it lowers the pitch 1/2 step, and a sharp raises the pitch 1/2 step. Thus, Cb=B natural and D#=Eb. These are called enharmonic equivalents. Robert is planning on doing a video on this subject.
Kitty Karis * VSM MEMBER * on March 19, 2014 @5:08 am PST
Hello, I would like to play the Hamburger Sonata in G from C.P.E. Bach for flute and piano/harpsichord. Is there any chance that you have this in the near future?
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on May 22, 2014 @3:13 pm PST
Dear Kitty, sorry for my late reply, but I really missed your question! We'll surely consider to publish that title in the near future. Stay tuned!
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