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John Roberts * VSM MEMBER * on April 13, 2015 @2:08 pm PST
Thank you again for your videos. I found the video on Bach's Cello Suites Prelude #1 to be very informative.

I would love to see a video on BWV 1011 Sarabande (Largo). A specific item I would like to see would be any suggestions for hitting the harmonics, especially the the last G in measure 3 and then the subsequent transition to the F in measure 4.

I am playing from the Kalmus Classic Edition Bach "Six Suites."

Thank you
Kathryn Bowman * VSM MEMBER * on April 1, 2015 @9:05 am PST
Joseph, I can't thank you enough for your videos! The latest one about score study is really helpful, because I have never score studied before learning a piece. If I'm struggling with something, I always go to the piano and play it, and that is a big help (I was a pianist first), but now I am going to score study before ever trying to play a piece! Great idea!! Thank you!
Jan. on January 28, 2015 @6:52 am PST
Hi Joseph,
Thanks for all the informative videos. I am wondering if you could help with this problem I am having.
I struggle to play fast passages, despite practicing slowly & building up speed. At a certain stage my right & left hands won't play together and and my bow gets out of sync with my left hand fingering. I've been working on the Breval Sonata for months now (allegro & rondo - Suzuki bk 4) and still cannot play the fast passages. Any advice on how to effectively practice building up speed?
Elizabeth on December 16, 2014 @7:40 am PST
Hi Joseph,
I have really enjoyed the two videos that I have watched and plan to watch the others after I practice what I am learning. I am very new to the cello and not so new to music. Although now with a family I have found practicing to be a challenge. We have 3 little girls ages 5, 3, and 1. They are learning to wait until the end of a song. (I play short songs.) My goal is to not only learn the cello but to also help teach them that with practice it will sound better. Thank you so much for the helpful videos and information.
Jay Wilson on November 29, 2014 @1:54 pm PST
Do you guys have a video on proper bowing technique and right hand technique in general? Elbow position, shoulder position and hand position...etc. I have returned to cello after 20+ years away from it and find my bow hand hurts and I am unsure of my right arm technique in general.

A piece with advice on improving intonation would be awesome too.
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on December 1, 2014 @9:51 am PST
Hi Jay. You might want to check out the following videos by Joseph:

Cello Bow Fundamentals

How to hold the bow on the cello

How to achieve the best tone on the cello

How to practice on the cello

I am sure the above videos will help you a big deal. Enjoy your cello playing!
Therese on September 8, 2014 @10:19 am PST
I have a Karl Hofner Cello (3/4 Bass?) Marked 1964 Germany. Can you tell me where I would have this appraised? It has no strings or bridge. It does not have cracks, but does have some chips on the neck.
Jan Nguyen on July 26, 2014 @3:29 pm PST
Hello Joseph , I really like to watch how you share shitfting cello on youtube. But please show me where should I put my thumb when i shift? thats means what position should I use Thumb position? Do I have to leave my thumb on Note G ( 6th pos) if I want to play note A ( finger 1) , play note B ( finger 2) , play C( finger3) ? Please give me answer. Thanks.
Wanda * VSM MEMBER * on July 23, 2014 @6:19 am PST
Joseph, So glad to have your expertise on virtual sheet music! My son is 11 and plays Cello. I am concerned for him because I don't think he has proper playing form especially with his bow arm and hand. Could you do some video's on this? Unfortunately his teacher is not addressing this. Tone is vital, but if you are playing in a position that will cause damage your arm or shoulder in the future, it must be addressed now when they are developing their playing.

Thank you!
Abraham Naim * VSM MEMBER * on July 2, 2014 @7:37 am PST
How to approach the Shostakovich cello concerto no.1
Jan on March 5, 2014 @11:43 am PST
special request .... advice on shifting - please .. just started 2nd & 3rd positions.
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on June 27, 2014 @9:17 am PST
Hi and thank you for your comment! I am sorry it might have been overlooked for a long time... Joseph has already posted a new video about shifting on May 7, 2014, and I hope you'll enjoy it:

Thank you again for your comment!
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