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What is a Concerto?

The definitive video about what a concerto is and its form.

Released on September 4, 2013

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Federico on January 1, 2014 @10:09 am PST
thank you for your good advices.

If I were to study piano I would chose you as my teacher
Simon Ball on September 5, 2013 @7:36 am PST
Mr Estrin, I came across your YouTube clips the other day - what an incredibly useful resource they are - thank you!

I'm in the process of wondering about replacing my Bechstein Model L with a Steinway from the 40s onwards. One thing I've noticed is that some reconditioned Steinways have the harp logo on the fallboard *below* the name, rather than above it. If you could throw any light on why this might be, I'd be ever so grateful!

Ooh, and if you could ever do a video on things to look out for in older piano actions, that would be fantastic!

Keep up the great work!
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