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Tips for approaching Fur Elise

Interesting insights to approach one of the most famous piano pieces

Released on September 4, 2013

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justin jay on September 14, 2013 @8:40 pm PST
how to play mordent ?
Robert Estrin - host, on September 16, 2013 @12:14 pm PST
This is a good topic for a future video. Please watch for it!
Guy-Robert Porter * VSM MEMBER * on September 4, 2013 @4:04 pm PST
I would enjoy a discussion of the third part of the Pathetique, where the melody moves down the keyboard. And also... all of your videos are truly superb. Great lessons, wonderful tips. Keep 'em coming.
Robert - host, on September 5, 2013 @1:34 pm PST
There is a Pathetique tutorial video in the works which you may be hearing about.
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