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Mina on August 23, 2016 @7:02 am PST
I want to ask what is the main joint for string crossing...is it the wrist or the elbow or both of them
Barb * VSM MEMBER * on August 9, 2016 @7:44 am PST
Music theory. I liked your video on how you have to pay attention and you can't just close your eyes to feel the music. I had hopes I could memorize sounds instead of numbers running in my head and now am learning letter notes. How much music theory do I need to succeed and not lose the passion
Sandra Boyne on June 6, 2016 @5:08 am PST
Hi William, I am an intermediate student. I have been playing violin for just over 5 years. I discovered your videos just last night and I am so happy that I did. Thank you for sharing your skill and experiences.
rondo * VSM MEMBER * on May 3, 2016 @10:33 pm PST
Do you have a video on how to play Beethoven's Romance in F.
How do you make the high notes e.g. top B and C ring brilliantly ?
William - host, on May 4, 2016 @9:53 am PST
Hi and thanks for the question! There are many interesting aspects in this and the other romance so I should make a video about it in the near future! Thanks again!
rondo * VSM MEMBER * on May 4, 2016 @4:13 pm PST
Thank you for your prompt response. I shall look forward to your videos.
Julia Dream on April 13, 2016 @5:10 am PST
Hi William. I am an advanced student (college level) and I really enjoy watching your videos. My biggest weakness is that I am a very shy player which manifests itself in my body language when I perform. My teacher informs me that playing confidently itself requires practice - would you have any tips on practicing this? Thanks again for making these wonderful videos!
William - host, on May 4, 2016 @9:55 am PST
Great idea for a video! Will work on it! You see I was very shy as well when I was young, so I would really enjoy speaking to this ...
Julia Dream on May 7, 2016 @8:35 am PST
Hooray I look forward to it!
Lou Carlie on March 29, 2016 @1:28 am PST
Hi! i had been practicing for a better tone of my violin. Just how tight or loose would I adjust my bow strings? thank you for your help.
William - host, on March 29, 2016 @9:10 am PST
Thats a very difficult question to answer as there are so many variables... such as the weight or distribution of the weight of your bow, length of the hair, etc... So without any knowledge I would say as loose as possible which is not the greatest of answers... Sorry to have not been more helpful!
Lou Carlie on March 30, 2016 @1:12 am PST
Hi, Prof. Fitzpatrick! I'll make my question even more specific. What factors contribute to producing the best tone of the violin?How do I do it? I'm most often disappointed listening to my violin tone. Thank you for sharing with me your precious time. May God richly bless you!
Kozhan Wahid on January 11, 2016 @6:21 am PST
I was playing Kayser Op. 20 etude no. 5 lately, and I was noticing some tension in my triceps as I was playing the allegro vivace with spiccato. Also I was see whole lot of extra dancing of the bow when I was playing the off string spiccato. Any suggestion on how to loosen up?
William - host, on March 29, 2016 @9:08 am PST
Hi! I don't teach no.5 with an off the string stroke? I have my students play it on the string! If you are playing it off the string, spiccato, mm 75-90, this could provoke the tension you allude to. Hope this helps!
Carolyn Keeler * VSM MEMBER * on December 7, 2015 @7:47 am PST
I am having a big problem with my violin going out of tune and the pegs poping and all strings really loose. I live in AZ and it has gone down to 18 degrees to 70 degrees in just a couple of hours and then back down. I try to practice when it is warmest but doesn't make that much difference. Sometimes it pops when it is in the case. Please help me. If I try tuning the violin to many times I break the strings or bridge or both. Is that something I can do or a process to do? I am just getting to where I can start playing real music and practice for hours until it pops. Carolyn Keeler
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on December 7, 2015 @9:32 am PST
Dear Carolyn, thank you for your question to Robert, but I think Prof. Fitzpatrick, our violin expert, can probably help you better on answering your question:


Being a professional violinist myself, I can suggest to put some Rosin on the pegs to make them more "firm". Please, let me know if that works.
William - host, on December 10, 2015 @10:00 am PST
Hi! As I come from another generation we did soap to loosen and chalk to firm. There is no more chalk so if roisin doesn't work ask your violin repairperson for a possible solution. But raisin should work!
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on December 10, 2015 @11:36 am PST
You are right William, blackboard chalks should work just fine. I didn't think about that!

Another solution instead, to loose pegs, is to use talcum powder.
Laura Vidmar * VSM MEMBER * on July 8, 2015 @3:02 pm PST
Do you have any suggestions for developing the wrist and finger motion in the right hand?
William - host, on July 9, 2015 @9:42 am PST
Hi and thanks for the question. Basically I would say that your wrist and fingers are already loose and ready to be put in motion. Putting them in motion should occur from the elbow. I know that my answer seems rather flip but its hard to go further in this limited response so ... In the future I will address the issue in more detail in a video! Again thanks for bringing it up!!!
Laura Vidmar * VSM MEMBER * on July 9, 2015 @4:12 pm PST
Thanks. I see what you mean about the elbow from your Cole video. But it assumes you already have a finger motion, and that is what I am trying to teach one of my students right now.
Heidrun Kath * VSM MEMBER * on July 3, 2015 @10:25 pm PST
Hello Professor,
Thank you for the video on staccato. A new approach may be better than another 30 tears trying to get it right. How I hate Kreutzer's Etude Nr. 4! Thank you also for your studies on one string. Very valuable exercise! Greetings from Australia.
Heidi Kath.
William - host, on July 4, 2015 @10:19 am PST
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