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Originally Posted by jboy
Could someone give me some advice on cello strings? I was told that using gut or synthetic wasn't a good idea for a cello as the fine tuners are basically useless and it is difficult to keep them in tune using the pegs. Well, I decided to see for myself and spent a small fortune on gut strings. I found out, to my dismay, that the "experts" were correct. I spent a whole week fussing and fuming and finally returned to my old cheap strings. There must be a decent string that can be used with fine tuners that gives the same warm tone that gut produces, or at least close to it. I have asked lots of folks and I have gotten so many answers: D'addario Helicore, Jargar, Larsen, or combination thereof. I have gut on my violin and never have problems, but believe me, trying to turn those cello pegs drove me almost to cursing! So I need good strings with a ball end, as opposed to loop end, because I can't remove the built-in tuners on the tailpiece.

It all depends on what kind of tone you want. Warm or Loud? My brother is an orchestral cellist and he uses A + D Larsen medium, G + C D'Addario Helicore medium. He says that that setup has excellent response and balance.

Hope this helps!
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