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Yeah, for the hall, lighting and good acoustics are definitely a must. As far as like, practice rooms go...they need to be small, but big enough to resonate in. Sound panels are good for the people outside the room, but really aren't that great for the musicians, as they suck up all the sound. You can test out the amount of room by fitting a grand piano into one corner of the room, and then sitting a chair, stand, and, say, a tuba in the remaining space. If there's no room for the musician to pace around some, it's not big enough. I like for practice rooms to have a high ceiling, but that's just my preference, as it gives more room for the sound to resonate. Recording studios...I have no clue. Never been in one. But I do find that the more echoey (I guess that's a word) a place is, the better the recording turns out. But again, that's my own preference as a flute player. It depends on the person really, I guess.
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