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Originally Posted by fluteplayer61218
I'm not sure about majoring in music.
I'm home schooled so I can't play in a school band which I don't like at all.
One thing I know is that you'd like my older sister who loves composing and practicing her cello. She is going to major in music.
In January I'm going to apply for a 2 week long music camp. I really hope I get in because it sounds really cool.


Welcome to VSM, Hannah! That's awesome that you are homeschooled! I was too, i graduated this year. All my siblings are homeschooled too. Do you like being homeschooled?
I play flute and piano. I just started teaching myself to play flute last week so I'm not really good yet. Aparently I lots my crown somehow so i think I'm going to try to find another one before I play anymore. If you have any tips on playing flute I really apreciate it!
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