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To YKB and suetuba: ya'll not like jazz??? If you get into the harder pieces (like, transcribed improv stuff), it's actually a LOT of fun to play... I say this, being a flute player that has always stuck to classical music, too. It's a really good idea to get out there and play other genres...

I really don't think VSM should stick directly to's always fun to get out there and see what else you can find to play. Why not here, too?? I understand that there ARE restrictions, but if it can be worked past, why not bring jazz into the world of VSM? It'd be a great way of broadening instrumentalists' horizons!

Just a different perspective...

To Millan: I totally agree with you. Jazz is an excellent genre of music for trumpets, gives you guys a chance to show off and play stuff other than the stuff you're always stuck with in classical music. HAve you looked at any other sites for some Jazz music? I'm sure you can find some great stuff on some other sites.

To Mr. Fabs: Thanks for at least putting this into's really great to get out there and play something other than the strict form of classical music. If you CAN find a way to get Jazz on here, please look into some Jazz flute!!!

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