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Originally Posted by pp_07
Alicia Keys play it in the middle of her girlfriend video, the song starts at 2 min 19 sec. If anybody knows what it is please let me know so I can get the sheet music.

Here's the link

OMG!!!!!!!! I have been searching for that since she made the video!!!!

i know the chord patterns (which i think are arpeggios):

It starts with the G#'s repeated 3 times: G#1, G#2, G#3, G#4

and then the chord triads are:

C#, E, G#

D, F, A

B, D, F#

C#, E, G#

and then repeat, but thats all i know...

if youdont have a clue whta im on about, tell me.

and if you find the sheets or MIDI for it PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME!!
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