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I think music is one of the most powerful mediums out today. Alot of experts will agree with me. What rock music and all the other un-classical music trys to do is to control your emotions. For example, go to a piano and do the following: hit a C major chord (C,E,G) then hit a Cm chord (C,E-flat,G). After that put both chords together(C,E-flat,E,G and see what it sounds like. IT SOUNDS REVOLTING. I don't know one sane person that would willingly listen to that chord. It makes you want to become .
YET, that is a VERY popular chord in rock music. That chord brings a feeling of unrest, inward violence etc. It is a very UN-natural chord. So, with that and similar chords (various 13th chords not used properly and the like...) these rock-composers try to control your emotions. Don't believe me? Go to a rock concert and see for yourself!!! All the other styles (jazz,pop,etc.), to a certain degree imitate what rock music trys to do. That's why, Smiley, you felt what you felt when you listened to country. I will gladly debate the above statements that I made.

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