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Here is "Daybreak in Alabama" this is

a) The way shortened version
b) A coputer realization (doesn't convey the moods well)
c) Not quite fixed like my hand written score
d) Only the Trumpet part

The actual live song flows a lot better thant the computerized version, my English teacher who is really big on music couldn't stop talking about it... (It was turned in, in April and I'm sure when i go back next August I'm going to hear something about it). The first time it was played was the shortened version of the shortened version, it will also be played publically next March and I hope to play it in December at my school's Winter Showcase.

To hear this piece you're gonna need a Finale product from 2002 on. To get Finale Notepad 2005 go here um yeah you will have to create an account there, but they won't send any bulk mail, only your password.

Make sure you have read the poem by Langston Hughes
( ) before listening, and make sure you try to input into your mind the human emotion and combine that with the sound, because when the song is played live, it evokes some emotions... but when you hear this you might not think as much.
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