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Virtual Sheet Music Violin Package

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DVDs Contents

PDF, MIDI and Mp3 files (DVD 1)

(528 titles, over 8000 files, 7.94 GB)

DVD 1 content

Mp3 accompaniment files (DVD 2-4)

(285 titles, 7471 files, 22 GB)

DVD 2-4 content


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This is a Virtual Sheet Music high quality physical item.

"The Violin Package, from Virtual Sheet Music, is a fantastic collection that will keep a student occupied for years, and Basics of Violin Playing, by Fabrizio Ferrari, is a fascinating and comprehensive method that should be on every..." [show more]

About Virtual Sheet Music Violin Package for violin:

The complete package for the modern violinist

This item includes:
1. Four computer DVDs (for Mac or PC) with our complete high quality digital sheet music violin repertoire in PDF file format together with MIDI, Mp3 audio files as well as our exclusive Mp3 accompaniment files (over 30 GB of data on 4 DVDs).

2. A printed copy of Fabrizio Ferrari's top-rated Basics of Violin Playing book.

3. A printed copy of our Very Easy Collection for violin solo (for beginner players).

4. A printed copy of the Allegro by Fiocco for violin and piano (for intermediate players).

5. A printed copy of the best-selling Meditation from Thais by Massenet for violin and piano (for advanced players).

6. A printed copy of the famous Violin Concerto in E minor by Mendelssohn for violin and piano (for advanced players).

7. Life time musical support from the Virtual Sheet Music staff and from M. Fabrizio Ferrari.

Genre: classical, traditional

Item Description:

The Violin Package for the modern violinist gives you all you'll need to learn the violin repertoire the 21st-century way! Created for both the violin beginner and the advanced violinist, as well as for music teachers, it includes the highest quality Virtual Sheet Music digital repertoire, together with audio MIDI, Mp3, and Mp3 accompaniment files, to help with practice for a perfect performance. If you are looking for a complete package, this is the best solution available on the market today.

This physical package includes the complete Virtual Sheet Music violin digital repertoire published on the Virtual Sheet Music website from 1999 until October 2011.

It contains:

1. Four DVDs with the complete high quality digital sheet music repertoire in PDF file format, the complete repertoire in MIDI and Mp3 files format as well as Mp3 accompaniment files for a total of over 30 gigabytes of high quality digital content.

2. Four booklets of our best selling violin repertoire such as the famous Massenet's Meditation from Thais, our Very Easy collection of classical pieces, the Fiocco's Allegro and the famous Mendelssohn's violin concerto in E minor.

3. Basics of Violin Playing included! A 138 pages book teaching the basics of violin playing as well basics of music theory with hundreds of musical examples.

Video about the Violin Package:

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Rating: 5
product is nice  by (MEMBER) on June 13th, 2013
The violin package is awesome. One of the DVD's won't read or write to my computer I am trying to get it replaced. Other than that I am quite happy with the product. Terrence N. Heary
Rating: 5
Violin Package  by on April 15th, 2013
My 6 year old daughter decided she'd learn the violin and as a help to her I thought I'd learn too. While she's having lessons, I'm picking up what I can from her and from this fantastic Virtual Sheet Music Violin Package. I have 25+ years experience with piano and look forward to either being able to play some of these pieces together with my daughter on violin or piano. A really great, easy to follow and enjoyable resource, one that we love using together.
Rating: 5
Useful and easy to follow.  by (MEMBER) on April 4th, 2013
As a beginner, for me the package is realy helpful in practicing violin and I am enjoying it. The guidline is easy to understand even for self-learner like me. Other comments : 1)I wish I would find also video how to practice violin, but unfortunately there was no video in the package. 2)I found that the CDs were not compatible with CD Player nor TV monitor, but for computer only.It will give more benefits if the CDs can be played using CD player and TV monitor. 3)I did not find music of Ave Maria from Gunoud, I think it is good for practicing vibrato. Can I get it ? Overall comment : I am satisfied with the package, as money can buy. Thank you.
Rating: 4
Package for Medium  by (MEMBER) on January 17th, 2013
The sample pieces were for easy medium student. But the membership to Virtual Sheet was a tremendous help because it provided the right pieces for the right grade free of charge. The package was worthwhile.
Rating: 4
Great resource!   (MEMBER) on January 15th, 2013
The instructional booklet is a great start for beginning violinists and the collection of sheet music, separate accompaniment files, MIDI and MP3 files is a great help for supplying all different kinds of music to all different playing levels and interests. It is truly a great value as a music collection. However, teachers please note that there is very little included in this package that addresses music theory or goes beyond the basics for teaching proper technique.
Rating: 5
Virtual Sheet Music Violin Package   (MEMBER) on November 14th, 2012
I find the midi file here most useful in practice. With a midi player (I use Notation Composer), the music can simply be played in front of your computer, with the sheet music scrolling in front of your computer screen. You can also slow down or speed up the speed, turn on or off metronomic beats, practice a section repeatedly with a loop, etc. etc, the possibilities are simply too numerous, to help you improve on your playing. This package is especially useful for those who are not professional, and who is in want of a ready accompanist. One point though must be noted, do not expect the violin sound to be perfect, because they are machined-generated. Nevertheless, for those who cannot really find an accompanist always at hand, this package is an option. I have used Music minus One, Music Partner, Dowani 3 Tempi Play Along, and I can tell you that this package is more helpful at a fraction of their price. Highly recommended. Definitely one of my most prized purchase.
Rating: 5
very good.  by on March 29th, 2012
This page is very good.
Rating: 5
Great package  by (MEMBER) on February 3rd, 2012
There is nothing like real musicians making music together, but I must say that using your accompianments in preparaton for performance are awesome.Other companies only supply perfromance level tracks, but every musician knows that it is key to practice new works slowly then build up to performance speed, so the slow practice accompianments are unique and vital! Thank you for making so many titles available at a resonable price. Your love of music shines through in your efforts to genuinely help other musicians achieve their professional level! Kudos to you all!
Rating: 4
virtual accompaniment  by (MEMBER) on January 31st, 2012
Really enjoy playing with accompaniment,makes practice more rewarding. Just one comment to-date,the 3rd section of schon rosmarin by kreisler does not return to TEMPO PRIMO !
Rating: 5
Christmas gift for daughter  by on January 29th, 2012
I bought this package for my daughter who is a violin student and stay at home mom. She informs me that the scope of the lessons is excellent and well thought out. Since my instrument is piano, we hope to be playing beginner duets soon. Her violin teacher has integrated your program into my daughter's lessons. She (the teacher) views your package as a "Great teaching aid"
Rating: 4
An excellent violin package  by (MEMBER) on January 29th, 2012
In my opinion, this Violin Package is an excellent approach towards the study of a violin. It introduces the performer from very easy pieces to intermediate and advanced. The pdf and mp3 files give you all you need not only to play the music but also to hear it! No less the accompaniment files. These add even more to the quality of this package. I am also interested in other packages like these for the Cello and Piano. It's a great help to the musician and really good value for money.
Rating: 5
The Violin Package  by on January 28th, 2012
The Violin Package, from Virtual Sheet Music, is a fantastic collection that will keep a student occupied for years, and Basics of Violin Playing, by Fabrizio Ferrari, is a fascinating and comprehensive method that should be on every violin teacher's shelf. Highly recommended. Todd Ehle Associate Professor of Violin Del Mar College Corpus Christi, Texas
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