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How is sheet music packaged?

      All purchased and free sheet music is online printable sheet music to download instantly. It can be downloaded directly from our web site in PDF file format. All our items include also MIDI and Mp3 audio files.

      If your shopping cart contains more than one item, you will be able to download a single compressed (.zip) file containing all your sheet music. To unzip such file you will need a .zip utility like FreeZip or WinZip.

Is sheet music scanned from other editions?

      Absolutely not. All our sheet music is BEST QUALITY digital sheet music of our own design, edited by professional musicians and copyists and stored in PDF files at infinite resolution. This means that your printed document will be superior to other, more expensive, printed sheet music (of course depending on the quality of your printer).

What is PDF file format?

      PDF file (Portable Document Format) is a high quality graphic format created by Adobe Systems in order to have a single standard graphic file for all operating systems (WindowsTM, MacintoshTM, UnixTM and others).

How do I open PDF files?

      You must have the latest version (5.0 or higher) of Adobe Reader program (downloadable for free directly from our site) in order to view and print PDF documents.

I already have Adobe Reader but I am experiencing problems in viewing and printing my scores. Why?

      Because you need the latest version (5.0 or higher) of Adobe Reader program. You can download it for free directly from our site.

Print-outs are too small or too big. Why?

      Because you need to adjust parameters in the print dialog window. Follow these steps:

- In the print dialog window, look for the "Page Scaling" option then select or de-select the "Fit page to paper" or "Fit to printable Area" or "shrink oversized pages to paper size" option before clicking OK. You may have different settings for the Page Scaling definition and it can change your output. Try different options if you have more than one (any printer may have more or different options in the print dialog window).

- In the "Print Setup..." dialog box, please be sure to select your appropriate paper size (A4 or US legal)

- You can even scale the output following these steps:
  1. Select "Print Setup..." from the file menu
  2. In the printer section, click on the "Properties" button
  3. In the following windows, click on the "Advanced" button on the bottom left
  4. Finally, here you can control every parameter of your output (such as Graphic scaling, etc.)
      If you still have trouble, be sure to have installed the latest version of Adobe's Reader (5.0 or higher) then contact us.

In the print-outs some of the staff lines are missing. How to fix this?

      Try one of the following:
  • Change the Page Scaling option of your print dialog window by unchecking or replacing the "Fit page to paper" or "Fit to printable Area" or "shrink oversized pages to paper size" option with any different setting before clicking OK to print your music. Often that is the cause of the problem. You may also try different Page Scaling options (any printer may have more or different options in the print dialog window).
  • If you use a ink jet printer, try to clean the print heads (refer to your printer manual for the correct cleaning procedure). A dirty print head can give you bad printing quality.
If you still have problems, please contact us.

How can I retrieve an item I have just purchased?

      Nothing is more simple! To retrieve purchased PDF music files from our server, just go here and enter your purchase order/receipt number. You'll be able to retrieve your items instantly and download them on your computer. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact us.

How can I obtain music not listed on the "Catalog" page?

      We recommend you make a request using the "New Sheet Music Suggestions Forum" page. Virtual Sheet Music will then determine whether it is feasible to add the requested music to the on-line catalog.

Can I have music sent me via e-mail?

      Yes. Virtual Sheet Music customers can choose whether to download the music file(s) directly from our site, or receive them as file attachments to e-mail messages.

Can I access all your archives by paying a one time fee and without download limits?

      Yes! With our Sheet Music Downloads Membership, you can become a Member paying only $37.75 to access all our digital sheet music archives without limits! Go here for more information.

Is there any limit in the downloaded music? How many copies can I download and print?

      For the Hal Leonard and Alfred repertoire, you are allowed to print out 1 copy of the music and it cannot be downloaded. For VSM items instead, there are no limits and the music can be downloaded in PDF file format. Differently by other sites, on Virtual Sheet Music you can download and print UNLIMITED copies of music from our archives. We allow any personal use of our music such as:
  1. Print copies of music for public performances
  2. Print copies of music for personal study
  3. Print copies of music for personal teaching
  4. Print copies of music for any other personal purpose

We forbid only to mass download our sheet music with automated programs (mass downloading means using special programs to download hundreds of files in a matter of seconds which can overload and jam our server), resell our music in any way, modify and distribute it publicly in any way without our consent. Please, read our License Agreement to learn more or Contact Us with any questions or inquiries you may have, we will be delighted to hear from you.

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