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Originally Posted by MCAACMPSR2007

I have reasons, ya know. you try memorizing 3 songs in a week for MB (although I shouldn't be memorizing them so fast...I have like 5 months after I get the piece to pass them off, but oh well. I like being the first to pass off the show every year) Oh, but yeah...and then accidently memorizing 3 really long etudes, and memorizing everything you play in class (both first and second semester, so...between 8 and 10 pieces in band class) then whatever you play at other clinics. I think I memorize at least 15 pieces of music every year, and what with all the other music I accidently learn (I've memorized several pieces and have never seen the music before in my life...I have the entire 2nd movement of The Odyssey memorized on 2 instruments, none of which are the actual instrument that played the solo--oh, I'm talking about the movement entitled The Isle of Calypso and it's a really long oboe solo...I have it memorized on flute and clarinet), I'd say every week I have at least 100 songs stuck in my head, all compressed into one really jumbled song. YOU try to remember childhood songs when you get 100 different songs repeating in your head every week. lol, it's hard to even concentrate on holding a conversation like that.
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