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Originally Posted by Piccologurl156
Okay, so what's the actual range you would WANT to write in? If it goes from the low C in bass, to however high you want to go on the treble part...wait, you DID answer for the PEDALS, right? I mean, how in the WORLD could a foot reach that couldn't POSSIBLY go that high, since you're playing with your foot, could it? *confused*

Yo, piccy (sorry I had to say something weird), the stops on the organ, allow you to change the range of it, for instance on my churches organ, there are 2 sides of stops, two hand manuals, and then the foot pedals, anyway, with the stops, an 4th space E in treble clef (played on the manuals), could conceivably be a 7th Ledger space E (ya know the 7th space above the treble clef), and on the feet a 3rd line D in Bass Clef, could be a 6th ledger line B below bass clef... do you catch the drift of the organ a little better now? If not I'll try to explain more later...
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