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Rating: 4
Incomplete Material
by on December 31st, 2014
I enjoyed my download, the music and the Mp3 materials, but I have a couple comments. The piano score is incomplete--no 3rd movement for the piano! I primarily purchased this for the sheet music so that's a bit disconcerting. Also, the interpretation provided by the violin is a bit bizarre including some bizarre rhythms--making triplet patterns out of dotted 16ths etc. Finally the pianist has not emphasized the melody line enough--often the bass comes through more than the melody when playing during sections where the violin solo is silent. But most of this, for me is secondary--the missing piano part is of bigger concern.
Rating: 5
Amazing Piece
by (MEMBER) on January 24th, 2009
The title itself is perfection and to be only used by the highest position of musicians. But the piece from this variation is very wrong in its interpretation of the technical field. Especially slurs, they have made it so difficult. Oistrakh's version of the slurs and positions is so much easier and should be used by musicians.
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