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About Adrian Casas Lupercio
Adrian Casas LupercioBorn in Mexico City, Adrian is a professional conductor and violinist from Regina, Canada. He began his independent piano studies at age 12. In 1999, he started his formal music studies at the Mexico State School of Fine Arts, where he studied violin with Angelica Cortez and Voice Technique with Tere Gonzales. Two years later, he was accepted at the National Conservatory of Music of Mexico, where he studied violin with Victor Barrera and voice with Enrique Jaso, as well as conducting and theory. In 2005, Adrian moved to Canada to continue his musical studies at the University of Regina with Ed Minevich in violin and Brent Ghiglione in conducting. In 2018, he completed a Master's of music in instrumental conducting.

From 2010 to 2012 Adrian was Assistant Conductor for the Conservatory String Orchestras at the Conservatory of Performing Arts, University of Regina. He also took part in the Saito International Conducting Workshop under the instruction of Wayne Toews. Adrian currently continues his conducting studies with Mr. Toews. In September 2013, Adrian was appointed Music Director of the Regina Community Orchestra, and in 2015 became a board member of the Saskatchewan Orchestral Association, where he currently serves as president. Adrian also serves as assistant conductor for the University Orchestra at the University of Regina since 2015. He co-founded Concertino Regina, a chamber music group that promotes upcoming talented musicians in the city.

Adrian is an active member of the music community in Saskatchewan, as an educator, performer and conductor.
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