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Can You Learn to Tune a Piano Online?

The answer is yes, but with some implications

In this video, Robert answer a very simple question: Can you learn to tune a piano online? Despite the answer being a sounding "yes," the implications could give you a different answer.

Released on December 18, 2019

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Video Transcription

Hi. This is Robert Estrin here at The question is can you learn to tune a piano online? Boy, the whole world has moved online and people learn just about everything, but can you learn how to tune a piano online? Well, actually there are online resources for learning how to tune a piano. First, let's go back in time a bit. In the olden days, the way most piano technicians learned their craft was through apprenticeships. A tuner would take somebody under their wings, somebody who had a desire and a passion for tuning and learning how to repair pianos. They would follow them around and they would get them to do some side work and, little by little, train them so they could be helpful and then start helping to serve some of their clients.

Indeed, one of the best ways to learn the craft of piano tuning is through an apprenticeship if you're lucky enough to be able to hook up with someone. You might think that piano technicians would love to have the help of somebody who's eager to learn, but the amount of time it takes to train somebody can far outweigh the amount of benefit that a technician is going to get with the work of somebody who's a relative newbie to piano tuning.

So piano technician school on line, there is the Piano Technician Academy, and that is a wonderful resource online where you can actually be certified as a registered piano technician. Through the Piano Technicians Guild, the PTG, you become an RPT. There's a whole lot of letters there, aren't they? But those are the letters you want on your card to prove to people that you have go passed a certain level of proficiency. There are other schools online, but I happen to know this one personally, and it's a great school to learn. There are some schools like the Bennett School. I believe it's the North Bennett School where you can actually go there and study the craft of piano tuning, but if you want to learn right in your own home, the Piano Technician Academy is a great resource.

Now, having said that, you obviously still have to work on pianos, so it's not that you can just do it all in online and you're ready to go. You need to have some pianos to work on, and in a perfect world you would also have some kind of experienced piano technician who you can mentor with to some extent would be in that ideal situation to take the best of the old world and the best of technologies. Married together, you could learn the craft of piano tuning right in your own home with the help of somebody to kind of guide you through to make sure you're on the right track.

So thanks for the great questions. I know there's a lot of people out there wanting to learn piano technician skills, and, indeed, if you're willing to travel, there are areas of the country that have a dearth of piano technicians and there's tons of work. I happen to know this because Living Piano sells panels all over the country and we engage piano technicians from the Guild. There's some areas where they have weeks of waiting lists of clients, so any of you who wanted to get into this, it's a great skill to learn and you get to be around pianos. What could be more fun? You set your own hours. It's something that appeals to a great number of people. I thought I'd offer these resources to you. Once again, I'm Robert Estrin here at, your online piano store. Thanks for joining me.
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