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Albeniz - Asturias (Leyenda) sheet music for guitar soloSheet Music TabAudio TabView and enjoy related videos.Zip Tab

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Asturias - Isaac Albeniz
Asturias(Leyenda) - Isaac Albeniz played by John Williams ...
Added:Dec 20, 2017
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Reviews about Asturias:

Rating: 4 High by on March 19, 2014 @2:03 am PST
Great, but I would like to see the author of the transcription posted at the sheet as well!
Rating: 5 Not for a beginner by on March 16, 2012 @6:38 am PST
Lacks left-hand fingering, so position will be an issue for a beginner.
Rating: 4 No Tabs Great by  * VSM MEMBER * on September 20, 2011 @6:58 am PST
The music notation is excellent. If I have this right, I mean the right hand fingering. It does give rise to alternative fingering. It is possible that there are some errors in the string numbers that are shown in circles. Larger print would be a help. Otherwise, it is excellent.
I do not miss the Tabs.
Rating: 5 Excellent by  * VSM MEMBER * on April 15, 2010 @7:48 am PST
Just what I was looking for. It's both challenging and at a good price. Thank you.
Rating: 3 Music difficult to read by on October 24, 2009 @7:12 am PST
The print size is very small and was probably done to reduce the number of pages. I have to get close to the page to clearly see it.
Rating: 5 Great Piece, Practice Practice Practice by on August 27, 2009 @6:00 am PST
Great piece for solo guitar. One of the best translations of the song I have ever found.
Rating: 5 porwsi by on August 20, 2008 @2:26 am PST
an excellent piece, perhaps one of the best written for guitar.i m crazy aboutit! for you, neecie, i think that if you hear it by aniello desiderio, you'll change your mind... (for the greeks, just look at the title...;-))
Rating: 5 A magical piece of music by on June 13, 2008 @1:22 pm PST
Having being playing this piece for quite some time, it has to go down as one of my favorite ever guitar pieces. It is essential that the introduction is played with subtley and that the ringing on the top strings enters quitely. If you want to hear not only the best recording of Asturias I have ever heard, but probably the best classical guitar recording I have ever heard, buy the CD Malaguena and listen to Narciso Yepes play it. He really sums up the spanish soul of the piece.
Rating: 5 Fantastic. by on March 23, 2008 @1:15 am PST
This entire song is a well done transposition from the piano to the guitar. Kudos to AlbAƒAŠniz for writing it, and to Tarrega for transposing it.
Rating: 4 how do they do it? by on February 12, 2007 @4:42 pm PST
i dont know how to play the guitar, but this is a really great song. i love the intro, and the outro, but im not to fond of the middle part. other than that, two thumbs up!!!

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