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How do you download as a Member?

      First you need to join as a Member. Then, downloading as a Member is easier than ever! Just follow the links named "Download it as a Member" you find on every webpage, enter your log-in data, and you'll be able to download every VSM score without paying one cent more as well to enjoy incredible discounts on other offered products.

I am a Member and cannot download or access some items for free. Why?

      Despite the fact that most of the VSM repertoire is available free of charge to Members, some special items or products by external publishers, such as the Hal Leonard and Alfred repertoire, cannot be offered for free due to copyright royalties. Members can, however, enjoy discounts on such special items; and these discounts may range from 10% to over 50%.

I do not remember my log-in data! How do I retrieve it?

      To log-in as Member you only need your e-mail address and password. To retrieve your password just click here. To retrieve your e-mail address, if you've changed it, just contact us and give us your previous e-mail address or your first and last name. We will contact you as soon as possible with your new log-in data.

I changed my e-mail address and need to change my log-in data. How do I do this?

      Just log-in by clicking on the Log In at the top left of the main menu, then enter your old data. When your Control Panel appears, just click on the "Modify Your Data" button to update your log-in data. That's it!

I am having problems logging into my account as a Member. What do you suggest I do?

      Try to clear your web browser cookies. Cookies are special information that websites store in your browser, and sometimes they become corrupted. To reset cookies created by VSM, just click the link below:


Then quit your browser and re-launch it. Now you should be able to login without any further issues.

My subscription is expired and/or I was a Member of Virtual Sheet Music in the past, and as today I am unable to login: how can I renew my subscription?

      Just find your old account in our Member's database, then follow the on screen instructions to renew your subscription. For any further questions or Membership assistance, please Contact Us.

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