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  • As a Member, you can print or download free of charge, all of the Virtual Sheet Music® High Quality sheet music, which includes popular, traditional, and classical repertoire in its original form, as well as Virtual Sheet Music® favored exclusive arrangements you can't find elsewhere. That's over 2,800 titles, consisting of over 12,000 single music pieces!

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  • Virtual Sheet Music® audio MIDI, Mp3 files, and Mp3 accompaniment files
  • Access and download over 100,000 MIDI and Mp3 files included in each Virtual Sheet Music® digital music edition, as well as thousands of Mp3 accompaniment files available for most Virtual Sheet Music® titles.
  • Virtual Sheet Music® interactive music
  • Online interactive music via Scorch™ and the new Virtual Sheet Music Playground™, which offers real-time transposition, instrument changes, playback, and other interactive features. For example, most of our scores allow you to play, change tempo, transpose, and change instruments. You can then print the score for different instruments. All in real-time from within your web browser.

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  • Over 400,000 popular music titles by other publishers, and more. All original and legal editions!
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  • Discover the ability to print third party copyrighted digital sheet music by Alfred®, Hal Leonard®, and Schott Music® as well as special e-books, exclusive Piano Accompaniment Videos™ and all physical products, at discounted rates you can't find anywhere else:
  • Hal Leonard® interactive sheet music
  • Many titles include Interactive Sheet Music. Interactive Sheet Music allows real-time transposition, playback, and other interactive features. Some Alfred items also have training videos included!
  • Piano Accompaniment Videos™
  • Discover our unique Piano Accompaniment Videos™ which allow you to play with a real pianist by using your computer or mobile device.
  • All physical products, including AirTurn™ devices and more
  • Buy special musical items offered on this website with special discounts you can't find anywhere else.

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  • Unlimited access, without restrictions, to the new Playground with your own music!
  • That's right. You can use our new interactive tool with your own music as well. Just import any MusicXML file, and you are ready to go.
  • Safe Downloads: 100% Original and Legal Sheet Music
  • Any sheet music title you download from the Virtual Sheet Music website is pure digital, original, and legal sheet music created from scratch. Virtual Sheet Music® editions are NOT photocopies from other editions. All digital editions found on the Virtual Sheet Music website are recognized by the major music schools and institutions around the world, and are perfectly suitable for competitions, examinations, and public performances (learn more...).
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  • Personal assistance and musical support from our staff, 24/7.
  • We plant 10 trees where they are most needed
  • Due to our commitment to the environment, for each new Membership, we plant 10 trees where they are most needed.
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  • You will be proud to be part of Virtual Sheet Music. We've been in business since 1999, and we have served over 10,000,000 musicians worldwide. Learn more about our company and service.
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90-Day Money Back Guarantee!

90-Day Money Back Guarantee!
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