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Member Testimonials

      What do our Members say about our Sheet Music Downloads Membership? Who better to attest to the value of this service than those who use it everyday? Below is only a sampling of the dozens of great comments we receive every month and in these pages you'll find the best comments of our satisfied Members. Some of them are enthusiastic music lovers and instrumentalists, other are professional and famous musicians and teachers: their great comments give us a real appeasement.

      A big "Thank you!" to our Members for their enthusiasm and feeling.

Fabrizio Ferrari, Virtual Sheet Music Inc.

"Finally, I've found a beautiful site to easily download scores that are accurate and beautiful to look at. Virtual Sheet Music is the #1 place on the Internet to affordably obtain sheet music of integrity and quality. I highly recommend this site to music lovers of any skill level and especially to students and teachers!"

Gary Lamb
composer and pianist
member since November 18, 2000

"BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and commend you on not only a great idea (downloadable music) but a fantastic site. The convenience of having the music available online is wonderful. You have and continue to choose a tremendous selection of music of all degrees of difficulty- accessible to a variety of players. Keep up the great work, it is greatly appreciated! Oh, and the actual print quality of the music is well done, too."

Scott Myers
Music Director
University School, Shaker Heights, Ohio USA
member since June 1, 2000

"Life is like a forest - dangers, joys, negatives and positives - all woven into a tapestry through which we move as part of the weave. Occasionally, we are fortunate, and we stumble on a garden with treasures just there to be enjoyed and breathed in to enrich our lives and become a part of us. This is the feeling that came to me when I tried the new sets with pdf , midi and mp3 files. Get the feel of the piece by hearing it played on keyboard, tune the violin to concert pitch with the included mp3 pitch-pipe, practice slow with matched accompaniment, get your pace right with the included metronome beat, and start playing a tempo with full Piano accompaniment! Unbelievable. This is the ultimate answer to a violinist's needs. Feel like practicing at eleven at night? No problem .. your accompanist is waiting! Like to hear the music first to understand and interpret? Simple .. just listen to it first! Transposition? Sure, just use the interactive Scorch sheet music files! All of this added to the Sheet Music (beautifully arranged, with excellent interpretative fingering). Mr. Ferrari has given us all a great gift. We have never had the pleasure of meeting him personally, but I as a violinist and my wife as someone who deeply understands violin music (and violinists!), would like to congratulate and thank him for making our lives richer. I am primarily a Scientist, Physician and Teacher, but have performed violin concerts often and written music criticism for our national newspapers. In addition, it has been my pleasure to teach young people Music and the Violin for many years. Mr. Ferrari has added a new dimension to the lives of both seasoned violinists as well as young students of that wonderful instrument."

Dr. Akash K. Rose & Aleksandra Rose
Teacher, Scientist and Physician | Designer, Artist & Teacher
National Institute of Creative Communication, Bangalore INDIA
member since October 23, 2006

"Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! This is the best site I have seen of its kind. Well worth the minuscule amount for the Sheet Music Downloads Membership.The front covers are wonderful and make the music score come alive. Much better than just a simple score. Well laid out and packed with midi files!!! Keep it up!"

Claire Eldred
professional piano teacher
member since October 18, 1999

"Virtual Sheet Music must be the best value on the Web. I haven't seen any other site for musicians or anyone else that delivers so much for so little money. Beautifully transcribed and notated music. Fabrizio is very responsive to e-mails and seems very dedicated to customer satisfaction. I am certainly satisfied. Keep up the good work!"

Tony Festa
enthusiastic guitarist
member since March 28, 2000

"I am always so thrilled when I get an e-mail from Virtual Sheet Music. What wonderful new piece will I be able to play today ? I live in an area where I am unable to purchase classical piano music. It is also nice to be able to view the first page of a piece before deciding to download. Keep up the great work!!!!"

Barbara Furst
enthusiastic pianist
member since January 24, 2000

"The quality of the scores and the obvious knowledge of the people who created and edited the scores is very welcome. The scores are also very attractive and the publication is comparable to the best quality sheet music and scores."

Roger O. Williams
professional composer
member since May 4, 2000

"This is the best site that I have found for classical music downloads. Many websites can send sheet music by snail mail, but here you can get instant gratification. It is also the only one that does not make you pay for something before previewing it."

Brian Ratte
enthusiastic pianist
member since May 21, 2000

"As a music educator, finding playable music for young students used to be next to impossible but with Virtual Sheet Music I can find just about anything that fits my student's needs."

Jim Edwards
professional music teacher
member since June 24, 2002

"I couldn't believe the professional looking scores that I downloaded! What a value!"

Cecil Evans
professional cellist
member since May 5, 2000

"It's a really good deal to be able to get all the music you want for a small annual fee and it's a lot more convenient than going to a music store. Plus, you only have to download what you really want instead of buying a whole book that has only a few pieces that you enjoy playing."

Aaron Kay
pianist music lover
member since December 23, 1999

"I have only recently begun to play the violin and for this reason I have sought sites on the Internet that have a good selection of music and varying degrees of difficulty. This site has met and exceeded my expectations and I am enjoying learning the music I have found here...keep up the good work!"

Judith Seifert
violinist music lover
member since March 28, 2000

"I have found excellent exclusive arrangements for cello and other instruments that I haven't seen before and which immediately expanded my library and repertoire. Furthermore, when I didn't find the Handel Hornpipe arrangement that I needed for my friend's wedding, you accommodated my request happily and effectively in 3 weeks. Finally, your positive spirit and enthusiasm for transcribing is something we all enjoy! I became a member and have already "made back" my membership fee, especially considering the convenience of immediate downloads and the savings from avoiding potential shipping costs."

Rendell Torres
enthusiastic cellist
member since May 17, 2000

"This is the best place to get all the music you want by all the composers. There's no other like it. I'm hooked as a piano teacher! Much of this music is used for teaching my students."

Marilyn Weiss
professional piano teacher
member since December 17, 1999

"I'm quite happy with my Sheet Music Downloads Membership. I've needed music at the last minute sometimes for a professional gig, and Virtual Sheet Music has saved me numerous times!"

David Winograd
professional musician
member since October 27, 2001

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