Virtual Sheet Music was born with the idea of offering digital sheet music to the masses since its inception back in 1999. That not only saves trees involved in paper production, but it also excludes the use of chemicals used in both paper production and the press industry. Additionally, that avoids packaging and distribution of physical sheet music, which has a great impact on the environment.

But you may wonder: What if you print digital sheet music off of VSM on real sheets of paper? Isn't that paper consumption anyway? Well, yes, but consider this: First of all, less and less people are printing out sheet music on real paper. Most people nowadays use tablets or other touch-display devices to read sheet music reducing the impact on the environment even more. And the trend is going to continue in that direction. Second, we offset that minimum impact by being carbon negative by a huge margin.

So, how can you be carbon negative?

Virtual Sheet Music is committed to helping the environment and plants 10 trees for each new Member who joins our Membership sheet music program. On November 21, 2019, we also started asking for $1 donations on orders of $10 or more, so that we can plant 10 trees for those orders, as well. All this, combined with the use of renewable energy for our facilities and datacenters, makes Virtual Sheet Music 100% carbon negative.

How does this all work? We have partnered with and, the leading worldwide organizations in reforestation and restoration of Earth's natural ecosystems. Every time there is a new Member on Virtual Sheet Music, 10 new trees are planted where trees are needed the most. That includes the Amazon rain forest and the delicate ecosystems of Indonesia, India, and Australia. They also have special programs that restore natural forests in turmoiled regions of Africa and South America, as well as often overlooked natural park areas in North America. By doing this, the local population is also helped economically and socially. A win-win for everyone!

What makes and unique is their planting policy. They don't just randomly plant any tree around the globe. They are focused on restoring the natural forests and their related ecosystems by planting the right trees in the spots where they are most needed. They are also committed to the long-term goal of preserving whatever they sow, making sure that the trees don't get destroyed or chopped down later on. Every planted tree is guaranteed survival for years to come. Restored ecosystems not only help to restore nature and preserve its biodiversity, which we all depend upon, but they also help indigenous populations improve their lives as a guarantee for a better future.

Our commitment is to plant a minimum of 50,000 trees a year, and you can help us by simply joining our Membership sheet music program, or even just by spreading the word about it. If you think that with a single tree you can make around 200 pounds of paper (around 90 kilos), by planting 50,000 trees a year, we offset over 10,000,000 pounds of paper a year, including all related CO2 emissions of producing and distributing paper. Can you imagine how much music you can print on so much paper?

Ok, that's good, but what about the energy used by your facilities and datacenters?
Our Data Centers

Besides planting trees, our facilities use renewable energy (solar) to power our offices and datacenters. We also use only super-efficient electric vehicles for our operations and Apple computers for our offices (they are the most recyclable and environmentally friendly computers currently on the market), which makes our overall carbon footprint negative.

Our Facility Solar Panels

Hopefully, more people will start doing the same, as well as more businesses like us. We need more people to act. Funding the right causes and the right organizations is the first step to guaranteeing long-term life on our planet. Without life, there would be no humans, and without humans, there would be no music, either. Let's keep both nature and music alive!

Rest assured: this is just a start, and more will come. We plan to increase these kinds of donations in the years to come, and we welcome you to join us in this exciting and positive journey. For now, this is our first, small contribution to improve life on Earth, tackle climate change, and ensure a better future for everyone.

Do you have any questions, comments, or inquiries? Please post them in the section below or Contact Us. Thank you!
...and we'll plant 10 trees!

REMEMBER: Each single tree counts!
Watch the videos below by Eden Reforestation Projects and OneTreePlanted to see what amazing job they are doing around the world:
Watch one of our own "Fly with Music" videos promoting environment restoration through music on our YouTube Channel!
Link to this page:
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Comments or Questions:

Doug gellatly * VSM MEMBER * on January 19, 2024 @12:24 am PST
Can’t connect as a member member
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on January 19, 2024 @7:45 am PST
Hello Doug and thank you for your post. Could you please tell me more? Do you have problems logging in? Please, let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you. * VSM MEMBER * on January 1, 2024 @8:36 am PST
Nice !
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on January 1, 2024 @8:59 am PST
Thank you for your comment! I am glad you are on board with our commitment.

Please, always feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas you may have; we will always be glad to hear from you.

Enjoy your time here on VSM, and keep playing great music with the power of nature!

All the best,
Rod Ching Batimana * VSM MEMBER * on December 2, 2022 @1:03 am PST
Thank you Mr. Ferrari for helping be be involved with improving our environment and planet. Thank you for keeping me informed on how my humble donation added with your mags projects added more notes to your composition. Sincerely, Rod Ching Batimana (PERCUSSIONS PHILOSOPHY)
james heon * VSM MEMBER * on December 2, 2022 @8:53 am PST
Thank you, Rod for your kind and profound thoughts, I really appreciate them.

I am doing the minimum I can do, and I appreciate your support. Please, always feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas you may have; I will be glad to hear from you.

Thank you again and keep enjoying great music!

All the best,
Lourdes Ross * VSM MEMBER * on December 7, 2021 @4:38 pm PST
I have júst decided to install solar panels on my roof, and am waiting for the bill to pass that would give a rebate to help
With the purchase of an EV car.
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on December 7, 2021 @5:10 pm PST
That's great Lourdes! Thank you for letting us know about it.

We all are looking forward to the federal rebate for EVs. Let's hope it'll come soon!

My best wishes for everything.

Joe * VSM MEMBER * on July 20, 2020 @4:13 am PST
I'm old,but new on a piano,and like Maggie every time I come on this site I see something interesting, plus I've got some really good material for doing exercises on the piano which helped me greatly with sight reading & dexterity with the fingers,plus I got some sheet music at low prices that gives me something to play around with on my piano,my playground, and with this covid-19 & living by my-self I think it's the best thing I've ever got was that keyboard, Like I said I'm up there in age but 2 months old on an instrument & I luv it and places like Virtual Sheet Music, great place to browse around for any kind of music score u want,and now they got the videos that help you out even more with all kinds of info and I haven't even paid for anything yet,for a man of not too many words,I don't think you'd believe me, but keep up the great job Virtual Sheet Music, think u guys are fantastic, good bye for now.
Jackie C * VSM MEMBER * on July 20, 2020 @9:27 am PST
Dear Joe, thank you so very much for your awesome comment and your kind words about our service and what we offer on VSM. We really appreciated it.

Please, feel always free to contact us with any questions or ideas you may have, we will be always glad to hear from you, at any time.

Enjoy your stay and keep playing great music!

All the best,
Maggie * VSM MEMBER * on November 23, 2019 @9:36 am PST
What a wonderful idea. Thank you. I would like to contribute but can't find how to do so. I always find something of great interest when visiting your site.
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on November 23, 2019 @9:44 am PST
Dear Maggie, thank you so much for your kind comment! I am glad to know you'd like to participate and help us on all this in this.

Being already a Members of ours, you have two options: either just remember you'll have the option to add $1 whenever you buy something from us costing $10 or more (i.e. Hal Leonard or Alfred sheet music, videos, physical products, etc), or you can make your own contribution directly to from the link below:

We'll work to add more opportunities to contribute through our site in the coming months, but for now, I'd suggest the above options for Members like yourself.

Please, let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you again, and have a great Thanksgiving time!

All the best,
Maggie * VSM MEMBER * on November 24, 2019 @2:22 am PST
Thank you Nadia for your kind reply. I have just sent $26 via Pledgeling to the Onetreeplanted organisation. It is heartening to learn that people from all around the world are restoring our war-torn, fire-torn forests.
Happy Thanksgiving to you also.
Kind regards,
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on November 25, 2019 @8:47 am PST
That's fantastic Maggie! Thank you so much!

Please, note, my previous comment above was marked as posted by "Nadia", whereas it was really me. That was just due to a temporary problem with the comment display system. Fixed now Smiley Face

Anyway, thank you again very much for your contribution, that's fantastic, and I hope more people will follow.

Please, feel always free to contact me with any questions or ideas you may have, I will be glad to hear from you, at any time.

All the best,
Jenny Roy * VSM MEMBER * on October 31, 2019 @12:46 pm PST
Amazing commitment, thank you Virtual Sheet Music, you are always the best!
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on October 31, 2019 @3:33 pm PST
Thank you Jenny, appreciated! So glad you like this new project of ours.

We plan to work more on this front in the coming months... stay tuned for more!

All the best,
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