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Virtual Sheet Music item
Solfeggietto in C minor

by Carl Philip Emanuel Bach for piano solo


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This is a Virtual Sheet Music high quality digital item that includes:

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"the C in question creates a D7 leading to g minor " [show more]

About Solfeggietto in C minor sheet music for piano solo by Carl Philip Emanuel Bach:

High quality Digital sheet music for piano, in C minor

This item includes: PDF (digital sheet music to print), Scorch Interactive Sheet Music (for online playing, transposition and printing), Videos, MIDI and Mp3 audio files*
Genre: classical
Skill Level: medium
Pages: 7

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Rating: 5
the C is correct
by (MEMBER) on December 25th, 2008
the C in question creates a D7 leading to g minor
Rating: 4
A fun piece!
by on November 23rd, 2008
This piece was recommended to me by my teacher. I am an adult who has come to the piano relatively late in life, after wanting to learn for many years, and have been having lessons for about 18 months. I am enjoying playing this piece, and it sounds more difficult than it is, which is quite rewarding for a relative beginner. The music is clearly laid out, although I found some of the shifting between staves and clefs quite tricky to start with. It is also quite challenging initially to follow all the accidentals. There does seem to be one error in the copy - the last note of bar 8 should, I think, be a D instead of C.
Rating: 5
by (MEMBER) on February 21st, 2008
The first time I heard this piece I was amazed. My piano teacher could play it 1count to a click on a metronome and it was set a 144. It is easy to keep count because it is all made up of 16th notes. I would recommend this to anyone because it is a beautiful piece and every one should play it.
Rating: 5
6 Stars!!!!
by on January 1st, 2008
Wow!!!!Sounds so difficult, but really I thinks it's much easier to play. I'm learning this amazing piece!!! I hear many complements about this piece!I heard it once and I was blown away, there for I was inspired to learn this piece. I describe this wonderful piece as brilliant, wonderful, sophisticated, and amazing. If you don't know how to play this, it is essential that you learn it!! WOW!!!!!!
Rating: 5
Incredible Piece!
by on August 30th, 2007
I loved this piece. It is hard at first because all you see is 16th notes. It is one of the best pieces i have played in all of my 7 years of piano. Everyone should play this song.
Rating: 5
Returning to the piano
by on August 7th, 2007
After 20 years without a piano I recently purchased an electronic piano at an auction. When I went to look for the music I had played in the past it was no where to be found. Solfeggietto was one of my favorite pieces to play and it was an easy purchase and download when I found it on the internet at Virtual Sheet Music. I will use them again when the time comes to purchase again.
Rating: 5
fun to play
by on June 26th, 2007
It's fun to learn, because it sounds good even at a fairly slow pace, but it doesn't get boring to quickly because the more your work on it, the better it gets. However, like his father's inventions, if you play it too often it may get stuck in your head, where it can be hard to turn off!
Rating: 5
Just fun
by on May 12th, 2007
It's just a fun song to play. It's easy to play, but it sounds difficult.
Rating: 5
by on March 29th, 2007
I have played Piano my whole life, and now im 13.. I have played many other advanced pieces, but when I was little (my mother is a piano teacher) She had memorized this piece and could play it very fast.. When she suggested I play this piece, I immeadetly agreed. Its a touching piece for me, I can't believe Im going to play the piece that I had loved so much.This piece is a singing miracle! I have an excellent gift. I play by ear usually, but I have a strong gift in music.. nothing else, but Music.. well and horses, but this piece is just so mesmorizing to hear...
Rating: 5
Incredible - amazing piece!!
by on February 3rd, 2007
I absolutely LOVE this work of J. S. Bach's son. I've only been on the piano about 5 and 1/2 years now, but this piece is still one of my favorites to hear and play. I rated this piece "Medium/High" beacause even if this piece is in Cm, it goes to Gm and Fm as well. When this song gets fast, there's no stopping! Incredible. A must-have!
Rating: 5
by on April 29th, 2006
I've played piano since i was 4, however I stopped playing for quite a while and only recently I've been teaching myself again, and my mom actually suggested I practice with this piece, and as soon as i heard it and played it for the first time i loved it. Fun in all senses of the word.
Rating: 5
by on April 11th, 2006
This piece of music was given to me by my piano teacher when she retired. I practiced it straight away and it has become one of my favourite pieces. I would like to thank my piano teacher for giving it to me and inspiring me to succeed in playing it! (anyone who likes this piece would love "Pop Looks Bach" which is the theme from "Ski Sunday")
Rating: 5
by on March 29th, 2006
I played this in my recital.At first it's so hard but I did it with all my best and it was successful.Quite. . .But as I play this just for fun,it's becoming harder and harder.Solfegieeto is a great piece for me.I want to thank my piano teachers who trained me and disciplined me for all.They taught me how to love the piano and enjoy it at the same time.!
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