Lora Staples - beginning violin and fiddle expert

Memorization - Part 2

Second part about the basics of memorization on the violin

In this video, Lora continues teaching about Memorization on the violin with a practical music example.

Released on June 4, 2014

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Seamas on June 25, 2014 @12:39 pm PST
Fantastic Laura ...this is my first time. I'm a recorder player and composer playing through the violin 1 of mozart symphonies at present and thus came across your video via VSM. it is so clear and has lots that resonates with me
Lora * VSM MEMBER * on June 27, 2014 @5:06 pm PST
Mozart symphonies on recorder? You must be quite the recorder player! Look out Michala Petri!
Thanks for watching, Seamas! (does your name tell me that you also play Irish whistle?)
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