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Dropping Pieces from your Repertoire

Practical tips for all musicians

In this video, Robert gives you practical tips to keep your repertoire pristine and "up-to-date." This applies to all instruments, not just the piano.

Released on April 22, 2020

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Video Transcription

This is Robert Estrin at and there's a really good question that I got from a viewer that I thought you'd be interested in, which is when to drop a piece. After all, think about this, you study piano for years and years and years, you develop a sizeable repertoire. You can't possibly keep all those pieces current in your repertoire at once. So at a certain point you have to drop some pieces just so you have the time to work on new repertoire. So how to know when to drop a piece. Well, there are a few ways or indications that you should drop a piece.

Number one is if you want to study a new piece of music, you just don't have the time, you're going to have to let some pieces go. Now what I suggest is to try to refresh your repertoire from time to time so that you never get too far gone where you have to completely relearn a piece. If you even play it over from time to time with a score or see how much you remember, you're going to be able to keep things fresher that way.

The other aspect of when to drop a piece is sometimes you hit a brick wall, you kind of take a piece as far as you can and you can't seem to make any progress with it. Sometimes letting off of it for a while and coming back to it with fresh insights, particularly if you've been studying other pieces. You may get revelations about how to approach the piece that you couldn't go further with after you develop other techniques by studying other music. So those are two good reasons to drop pieces and then always have the possibility of adding them back into your repertoire. Thanks so much for joining me, Robert Estrin here,, your online piano store.
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