Robert Estrin - piano expert

My Father's Steinway

Celebrating Robert Estrin's Dad's birthday and his Steinway

In this video, Robert commemorates his dad's birthday by remembering his Steinway piano and the story around it.

Released on January 4, 2017

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Video Transcription

Hi, this is Robert Estrin at and, with a special end-of-year message on a personal note, my father's Steinway. This year has seen so many people and so many pianos but one really stands out from the rest, and that is my father's Steinway. Now to go back a bit, when I was in high school, my father got a brand new Baldwin 7-foot grand piano. At that time, his Steinway Model S Baby Grand, came upstairs for my sister Corrine and me to practice on. Now this piano holds great sentimental attachment for my father. His father gave him that piano in 1939. It was a $900 investment, which doesn't sound like much today, but it was actually financed and there were many tenuous times in the years that followed, where it looked like he might have lost that piano.

Well, as time went on after high school, the piano followed me to the Midwest when I went to study with Ruth Slenczynska. Eventually I lived in a home that had a piano and the piano ended up going to my sister. And my father gave the piano to my sister with one stipulation, that one day she would have the piano restored. Well, this year that day came, and I had the honor of seeing the restoration of this piano and having all our technicians do the fine work on it. Well, there was one late night before the piano left here that I sat down and something inspired me to play some music that just came out of me. And I had the presence of mind to set up my phone and click the button to record, and I'd like to share this with you. And this is a tribute to you, Dad, today on your 93rd birthday. Happy birthday, and everybody have a great New Year. And Corrine, enjoy the piano, and I hope future generations get to enjoy this wonderful Steinway. Thanks so much.
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François Leroux * VSM MEMBER * on January 14, 2017 @3:02 pm PST
Thank you for sharing this very personal story and moment with us. Incidentally, it made me think of the 1937 baby grand August Forster which my mother offered me 38 years ago when I left home. He had bought it "used" with her own money for 100$ in 1952. I had it restaured a few years ago and now I have the privilege to enjoy paying on it almost daily.
Leon Whitesell * VSM MEMBER * on January 4, 2017 @2:53 pm PST
Lovely...your father recorded well- known piano pieces a long ago...they served my daughters well as they formed the core of listening experiences. It gives me great joy to know of you, and to remember him fondly!
paul.plak * VSM MEMBER * on January 4, 2017 @11:49 am PST
Well, thank your for this personal present !
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