Robert Estrin - piano expert

Tips for Bach's Italian Concerto - Part 1

Step-by-step instructions to approach a very well-known piece for piano

In this first video, Robert gives you some tips to approach Bach's Italian Concerto on the piano.

Released on March 12, 2014

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Comments, Questions, Requests:

Gerard on August 21, 2016 @7:50 pm PST
Great website. Can you recommend a sheet music edition with good fingering? I always have a hard time with fingering.
Gerard, NYC
Robert Estrin - host, on August 22, 2016 @12:58 pm PST
Fingering is one of the most important aspects of piano technique. I use the Henle urtext edition which has very good fingering suggestions. In a best case scenario you would have more than one fingered urtext edition. That way if one fingering doesn't work well for you, you can reference other suggestions.
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on August 22, 2016 @2:36 pm PST
Gerard, we don't have our own edition of the Bach Italian Concerto, but for now just by Hal Leonard, which is pretty good:

But for sure the edition suggested by Robert is among the best ones. Our own editions are usual based on Urtext edition and edited by high quality professional musicians. We'll consider to publish our own edition, maybe with fingerings by Robert Estrin!
William Treichler on April 3, 2014 @9:40 pm PST
Mr. Estrin:

I enjoy your online video helpful hints very much here in St Petersburg, FL..

Concerning the Bach Italian Concerto, 1st Movement, what fingering do you recommend for the LEFT HAND 16th notes in measures 25 and 26?

Thank you
Robert - host, on April 4, 2014 @12:59 pm PST
Start on the 3rd finger, then use 1 on the E. In measure 26, you will start on the 5th finger, followed by the 3rd finger on C. Cross your 3rd finger on F and the 2nd finger on B-flat and you should be good!
Christine * VSM MEMBER * on March 12, 2014 @2:32 pm PST
What suggestions do you have for an adult student with small hands? After watching your video I wanted to play Prelude No. 7 but I cannot play bar 13, for example. There are 5 notes to be played in the right hand from A4 to C6 that simply exceed my physical capability. How do I play it without ruining the piece?
Robert - host, on March 12, 2014 @4:33 pm PST
I too have small hands. The secret is learning how to break chords quickly and grabbing the notes on the pedal. This video demonstrates this technique:
Carol Ebert * VSM MEMBER * on March 12, 2014 @8:54 am PST
I enjoyed learning about Bach's Italian Concerto, and look forward to your help in playing it! Thank you.
Don Puent on March 12, 2014 @7:45 am PST
I could listen to Robert play this all day!!!
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