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Is it Harder to Play Left Handed?

Anyone can play the piano, no matter if they are right or left handed!

In this video, Robert answers a very interesting question: Is it harder to play the piano if you are left-handed?

Released on February 25, 2015

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Video Transcription

Hi and welcome to and I'm Robert Estrin with a viewer question.

Do left-handed pianists have a harder time? This is an excellent question. You'd think that because so much is in the right hand on the piano, that maybe there's some truth to this. But you know, I've also had many people ask me, "Is it easier to be left-handed?" Because they have so much difficulty with the left hand.

The reality is the piano, you have to be ambidextrous because both hands have really equal responsibility. Now, it is true more of the melody is played in the right hand, but the left hand has more outstretched positions oftentimes because of the voicing of chords that sound better with bigger distances between the bass and the other notes. So there are unique challenges that each hand faces in the piano, but I don't think anybody could honestly say that one hand has more to do with the other hand on the piano. So left-handed or right-handed, I think you're in equal shape on the piano. Maybe not so with baseball and other things. But with the piano, either hand goes.

Thanks for the great viewer questions. I am Robert Estrin here at and Thanks for joining me.
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