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What is a Tone Poem?

earn about this particular kind of music composition

In this video from Living Pianos, Robert explains what a "Tone Poem" is by giving you a practical example of it on the piano.

Released on June 5, 2019

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Video Transcription

Hi. I'm Robert Estrin, and this is Today, you're going to listen to a tone poem. Now, why is this so unusual? Well, a tone poem on a piano is pretty unusual. The tone poem is an art form, orchestral works, mammoth works, some of them approaching an hour or longer. Richard Strauss wrote, for example, Ein Heldenleben, A Hero's Life, and Wagner, even Debussy wrote Afternoon of a Faun and other tone poems.

What are tone poems? It's music that is inspired by stories, and you can take it both ways. I'm going to play it for you now, and you see what kind of images come to your mind for the music that you're about to hear.


For those of you familiar with tone poems, you may have noticed the idea of the leitmotifs. Those are familiar little riffs, if you will, that occur again and again in tone poems. I hope you've enjoyed this is. There's more to come. Again, subscribe to Living Piano's videos to get more of these. I'm Robert Estrin here at Thanks for joining me.
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Sharon Boser on June 5, 2019 @7:12 am PST
So beautiful! I enjoyed such so much and it is true..beautiful images come to mind as you wrap yourself around this music. Thank you for your time, the helpful information you deliver as well as your beautiful talent for bringing music to life.
Robert Estrin on June 5, 2019 @12:32 pm PST
So glad you appreciate the music - there is much more to come!
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