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Featured Items by Jerome Kern
Piano All The Things You Are

Rating: 4

by Jerome Kern for piano solo.

Guitar  All The Things You Are

Rating: 5

by Jerome Kern for guitar (tablature).

Choir  The Way You Look Tonight

Rating: 5

by Jerome Kern for choir (2-Part).

Popular Jerome Kern Music
Voice, piano or guitar All Through The Day

by Jerome Kern for voice, piano or guitar.

Voice, piano or guitar The Platters Hits

by Jerome Kern for voice, piano or guitar.

Voice and other instruments  Dearly Beloved

by Jerome Kern for voice & other instruments (bass clef).

Most Popular Jerome Kern Titles
Jerome Kern: All The Things You Are
All The Things You Are Rating: 4
Start now to play the beautiful work by Jerome Kern for piano solo. It includes PDF sheet music files. Don't wait, play it now.
What our users say about this title?
"This is an arrangement which captures the Broadway sound without the great complexity which might cause average pianists to avoid the piece altogether. I enjoyed being able to try this style without difficulty despite being only of limited expertise."
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Ira Gershwin: Long Ago And Far Away
Long Ago And Far Away Rating: 5
Surprise your audience with the amazing composition by Ira Gershwin for voice, piano or guitar which includes music by Jerome Kern. It gives you PDF sheet music files. What are you waiting for?
What our users say about this title?
"Good song copy or lead sheet with what appears to be the original chords noted over the melody and lyric. This song has one of the best dramatic climaxes at "Just one look and then I knew." The harmony key here changes from F to Bb by making the F a dominant 7th and moving to the new tonic Bb Major 7th through the C minor 7 sus 4 and F7 2-5-1 of Bb. This makes a very romantic and dramatic buildup to the Bb Major 7th. A great vehicle for a vocalist or instrumentalist and great chord changes for the jazz artist to do some substitution."
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Jerome Kern: The Way You Look Tonight
The Way You Look Tonight Rating: 5
Have a blasting peformance with the renowned piece by Jerome Kern for choir (2-Part). It comprises PDF sheet music files. Enjoy it now.
What our users say about this title?
"I am using this for a young vocalist so he can have a piano accompaniment. It works well."
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Jerome Kern: A Fine Romance
A Fine Romance
Get amazed by the terrific composition by Jerome Kern for clarinet solo. It offers PDF sheet music files and interactive sheet music for realtime transposition. Get it now and start enjoying it.
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