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Christmas Sheet Music Carols for saxophone quartet (all the collections, 1-3)Christmas Sheet Music Carols for saxophone quartet (all the collections, 1-3) PDF fileChristmas Sheet Music Carols for saxophone quartet (all the collections, 1-3) Mp3 files and accompanimentsView and enjoy related videos.Christmas Sheet Music Carols for saxophone quartet (all the collections, 1-3) complete music files

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Rating: 4 Nice Arrangements by Wan on December 11, 2014 @5:30 am PST
This is a nice collection of accessible Christmas Carols. Some very good arrangements. Easy to play, great for holiday gigs.
Rating: 4 Interesting Arrangements by killersax on November 25, 2008 @5:19 am PST
These arrangements are little different. They're more fun to play than the usual.

The melody is almost always in the soprano part, which can get a little boring if you play a lot of them. Also the alto part is sometimes written too high for comfort and good intonation.
Rating: 4 Nice Arrangements! by allsaxisgoodsax * VSM MEMBER * on November 23, 2007 @7:25 am PST
Overall, I have very few complaints on these sax quartet arrangements. These are extremely accessible, easy to learn, and sound great. For a more advanced quartet (I am a member of quartet in college), your group shouldn't have any troubles simply sight reading these. I do have a couple issues with some of the carols: there are a few that have some range issues. I have seen a high "G" above the staff a few times and sometimes, all the saxophones are just simply too high to sound good. This isn't an issue so much for a more advanced group but this could really be trouble for a younger group. Overall though, great arrangements and PLEASE make more saxophone quartet transcriptions available!

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