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Music Accompaniment Tracks
Sheet Music plus Music Accompaniments: the best way to learn to play music
Sheet Music + Music Accompaniment Tracks:
The best way to learn to play music. Instantly.
      With today's technology, Virtual Sheet Music is committed to giving you the optimal way to learn and enjoy music with your instrument: superior digital sheet music in combination with convenient Mp3 music accompaniment tracks.

      Accompaniment recordings are not new in music teaching circles. Several publishers and record companies have marketed a program known as "Music Minus One" which combines sheet music with audio CD accompaniments. Unfortunately, such recorded accompaniments are performed by amateur musicians, resulting in uneven dynamics and overly rigid tempos played either too fast or too slow. Also missing from the accompaniments are metronome "clicks", "taps" or other audio markings, always helpful in the practice effort. Music Minus One accompaniment recordings are also often orchestral, which can ill-prepare you for auditions, competitions, or examinations where piano only accompaniment is often the norm.

      All Virtual Sheet Music Mp3 music accompaniment tracks for the soloist repertoire are available in piano versions, with clear and concise audio metronome. We will also offer accompaniment tracks in duet, trio, quartet and entire ensemble versions. We surveyed what musicians and music teachers really want and designed a practice program that includes 3 versions of accompaniment tracks:

1.A clean full-speed version with two bars of only audio metronome before starting (to lead you to the right tempo);

2.A full-speed version with two bars of only audio metronome before starting (to lead you to the right tempo), then metronome with accented beats for the duration of the piece;

3.A special slower tempo (-20%) version with two bars of only audio metronome before starting (to lead you to the right tempo), then metronome with accented beats for the duration of the piece. (This one is recommended for practice purposes.)

      Another advantage of our accompaniment tracks is their compatibility and portability, allowing you to practice and perform with any desktop or laptop computer, iPod, or Mp3 player. (No bulky CD and CD players are necessary.) An alternative though, is to "burn" Mp3 tracks on CDs in order to play them easily with any CD player. Free programs like iTunes can help on that (contact us if you need step-by-step instructions, we are always very glad to help!)

      But how does it work? It's easy: You play the soloist part, and then your computer plays the accompaniment part. Here is an example: Ode to Joy by Beethoven for violin and piano:

      1. Download your sheet music: PDF sheet music file (84Kb)

      2. Download your Mp3 accompaniment tracks: .zip file (2.7Mb)

      You will need the free Adobe Reader to open and print your PDF sheet music file. iTunes, Windows Media Player or Quicktime will all play your Mp3 accompaniment tracks. Then, upload your Mp3 files to your iPod or other Mp3 player for greater practice opportunities "on the go."

      Mp3 accompaniment tracks are organized as follows:

1.The file ending with "_acc" (01Ode_to_Joy_acc.mp3) is the clean, full-speed version of the piece.

2.The file ending with "_accm" (01Ode_to_Joy_accm.mp3) is the full-speed version with audio metronome.

3.The file ending with "_accmsl" (01Ode_to_Joy_accmsl.mp3) is the special slower tempo (-20%) version with metronome recommended for practice purposes.

Find more free samples in our Free Sheet Music section
(most of the items there include Mp3 accompaniment tracks)

For questions and assistance, please contact us. We always enjoy hearing from you.

Enjoy the music!

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