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Le pianiste virtuose, part I, interactive sheet music
(you can transpose, change instruments, change tempo, etc.)
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Le pianiste virtuose, part II A, interactive sheet music
Le pianiste virtuose, part II B (scales & arpeggios), interactive sheet music
Le pianiste virtuose, part III, interactive sheet music
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Rating: 3 Hanon Midi Files by Peter Ward * VSM MEMBER * on July 9, 2011 @4:40 am PST
Bought the Hanon Virtuose(Complete)for midifile acompaniment.
Midifile is accented and realistic, however, the actual notes come out with stems going in all directions in my DAW "Sonar". This is frustrating, as I could have probably written them into Sonar myself from my own Hanon book.
If you don't want to read the file while playing its fine.
Rating: 5 A very good piano book and midi/mp3 files. by Costas on June 13, 2011 @6:23 am PST
Very good, the midi files help very much. I connect my usb stick with the midi files to my digital piano and I play at the same time and I adjust the speed at a rate comfortable to me. I have seen very big progress even from the first days.

I also have the traditional Hanon book. There are some indications regarding the purpose of the exercises which are not included in the digital score version. I propose these indications to be included in a next digital edition.

Overall, a valuable guide for the pianist at a best value for money.
Rating: 5 It's a classic - nice to have it "online" by Kim Holst, DK * VSM MEMBER * on September 14, 2010 @2:22 am PST
Established as a major source of pianoskills for decades.
Relevant from almost-beginners and up to whatever level.
Nice to have it as PrintOnDemand and not having to carry around the big book.
Rating: 5 Perfect Start for Self-learners by Leucippus * VSM MEMBER * on August 24, 2006 @10:29 pm PST
As a self-learning beginner I found the first few exercises of Hanon to be very useful in the very beginning. They gave me something to play that I could play with both hands and not have to read music. The repetitive nature of these exercises makes it perfect for a raw beginner I think. This is something you can play on day one to get your fingers moving on the keyboard. Just as a suggestion I would recommend using the first few of these exercises for the purpose of practicing good cadence and perfect synchronization between the fingers of both hands. I wouldn't worry about trying to get up to speed. That's not the point of these exercises. Playing them fast is a waste of time if you aren't playing them well. But playing them slowly and smoothly can really help a beginner get a nice feel for the keyboard and gain some early experience playing with all fingers and both hands before they can read music. [this review is about Le pianiste virtuose, part I included in this item]

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