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Rating: 5 Lovely music by Jo on February 17, 2010 @4:44 pm PST
We've only played the slow movement so far, which is not too tricky, although I found the timing a bit hard to start with. It's a lovely edition, easy to read, and nice to have something other than old war-horses to play. Worth a go.
Rating: 5 Beautiful piece for oboe by Susan on April 4, 2009 @6:49 am PST
This is a beautiful piece for an oboe soloist. It printed one version with piano accompaniment, and a separate sheet with just the oboe solo only. I was grateful for both formats. Printed very clearly and legibly
Rating: 5 Excellent by angelika * VSM MEMBER * on May 28, 2008 @1:52 pm PST
I love this piece! Especailly the 1st and 3rd movement they are beautiful and the breathing is not too hard so you can concentrate on technique!! Superb as always for Marcello...
Rating: 3 My quest as a flautist by Neil on November 23, 2007 @12:11 pm PST
I have bene looking for this music for years. I own an audio CD with baroque selections by some of the masters. The Concerto in D minor was not listed and neither was this particular composer.
I was so delighted to find it here at Virtual after hearing the adagio on NZ Concert Radio, hence learning both its title and composer. Alas, despite a similarity, most of the piece [at least the Adagio which I love] was different, and I can only asumne that one of these is an arrangement by another. Oh to find the most beautiful and haunting 'other' arrangement.

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