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Concerto in G major, 1st mov.

by Georg Philipp Telemann for viola and piano

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"I am interested but will wait for all four movements." [show more]

About Concerto in G major:

This item includes: Video
Performed by: Lisa Maresch
Genre: classical, concert
Skill Level: intermediate/advanced
Video Duration: 3:41
Accompaniment Video Description:

Enjoy playing Telemann's Concerto in G major (1st movement) for viola and piano accompanied by concert pianist, Lisa Maresch. Thanks to our unique interactive video player, you can easily speed up and slow down the tempo of the piano accompaniment audio/video track, set up loops and markings - all while reading your violin part from the same video. A useful tool for any musician.

This video has been created with professional quality equipment for an optimal video and audio experience. The audio/video recording has been directed by professional audio engineer, Raj Lathigara.

About Lisa Maresch:

Lisa is an accomplished pianist whose playing, teaching, and advocacy have taken her all over the world. Everywhere from the Sidney Opera House to the Las Vegas strip, she has participated in the International Keyboard Institute of the Mannes School in New York, Roundtop International Music Festival in Texas, Brevard Music Festival in North Carolina, the Quartet Program in Pennsylvania, the Las Vegas Music festival, Arizona Musicfest, the Blackbird Music Project in Southern California; and even served as guest artist at a music festival in American Samoa, and artist in residence at Arquetopia in Mexico.

She has taught at the University of Nevada, the Chapman Conservatory of Music, and the Orange County High School of the Arts in California. Lisa is also the founder of the Scholarship Student Showcase Concerts for the Warne Scholarship Foundation in Orange, CA.

Besides serving as pianist in Virtual Sheet Music's Piano Accompaniment Videos, Lisa currently teaches and records from Syntonique Studios in San Francisco, is a member of the Crowden Music School faculty in Berkeley, and is actively involved in the Music Teachers Association of California and the National Music Teachers Association


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Reviews about Concerto in G major:

Rating: 5 Why only first movement? by  * VSM MEMBER * on October 21, 2016 @6:11 am PST
I am interested but will wait for all four movements.
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on October 21, 2016 @10:54 am PST
Good question Chris.

Well, this is just the first video of the concerto, we'll work on the rest soon. Our priority is to provide top quality for each video, and that takes a lot of work, takes, and time. So, way wait to release the entire concerto when the first movement is already available?

Thank you again for your kind feedback and, please, keep suggestions and questions coming!

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