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This Privacy Statement describes the privacy rules adopted by Virtual Sheet Music to preserve the musician/client/guest/member privacy (identified as "Consumer/User").

Last updated on April 24, 2023


      Any information the Consumer/User shares with us is strictly confidential and will only be used in the way the Consumer/User requests. We may collect, with your consent, your e-mail address, name, and physical address. Such information will NOT be shared or sold to a third party for any reason whatsoever.

      Any Consumer/User may delete his e-mail address from our Mailing List database at any time on this page. You may contact us to request any deletion of your data we may possess (such as your e-mail or physical address), as well as for any reason through our Contact Us page.


      All credit/debit card or on-line check information is communicated using SSL encryption and is not stored anywhere. Virtual Sheet Music works with PayPal® Payflow gateway (formerly managed by VeriSign®) for credit/debit cards transactions on this site. You can learn more about PayPal's privacy policy


      Virtual Sheet Music may display selected advertising according to current standard privacy guidelines.

      Virtual Sheet Music also participate in the Google Analytics for Display Advertisers remarketing program which allows to advertise through targeted advertising on different networks and websites based on the information collected on our website via the use of browser cookies. You can opt out for this kind of customized advertising on the Google Ads Preferences Manager page as well as on the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on page. You can learn more about the Google remarketing policy on the Google website.


      Besides this privacy statement, Virtual Sheet Music maintains a computer-legible P3P statement that advanced browsers may be able to read on your behalf. This computerized statement conforms to the industry-wide P3P 1.0 standard of the World Wide Web Consortium. You can read more about P3P at http://www.w3.org/P3P/.

Our computer-legible P3P privacy statement appears at:


You can also read the English equivalent policy by clicking the link below:


GDPR Compliance

GDPR Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the current status of Virtual Sheet Music's GDPR compliance?

Virtual Sheet Music intends and expects to comply with GDPR by its effective date on 25 May 2018, including having a legal basis under Article 6 GDPR for processing any personal data.

2. How do Virtual Sheet Music Software as a Service products process personal data?

Minimally, if at all. Virtual Sheet Music has just one single Software as a Service (SaaS) offering which is called Virtual Sheet Music Membership. Virtual Sheet Music Membership is a service that offers musicians the ability to access and download sheet music and related media for free or a very discounted prices.

Virtual Sheet Music doesn't share any personal information data with anyone and doens't show it publicly on his website. Subscribers have full control of their data throught their own Control Panel and other tools we provide as part of their own subscription.

3. Is sensitive data stored within Virtual Sheet Music tools or website?

Virtual Sheet Music does not currently believe that it processes, let alone seeks or expect that it will seek to process, any personal data that is subject to Article 9 GDPR, "Processing of special categories of personal data," which, in reference to GDPR, is generally referred to as "sensitive personal data."

4. Are you a data processor, as you store and organize data from other sources?

Virtual Sheet Music currently does not believe it is a data processor for a data controller, necessitating that it enter into customary and compliant data processing agreements with data controllers. However, should that change, in order to comply with GDPR, Virtual Sheet Music believes that both Virtual Sheet Music as a data processor and the data controller will need to enter into a compliant data processor agreement.

5. Is Virtual Sheet Music able or will Virtual Sheet Music be able to respond to data subject requests under GDPR?

Yes, absolutely.

6. In particular, if I am a data subject and Virtual Sheet Music is a data controller to my personal data, can Virtual Sheet Music comply with my request "to be forgotten"?

Yes. However, a data subject should understand the consequences of such a request.

For example, with respect to any personal data that provides the necessary contact details in order to administer a subscription for a subscriber that is an organization, Virtual Sheet Music will need to replace the contact information within its system in order to manage the subscriber's subscription and account.

For any subscribers who are individuals, complying with a request to be forgotten will of course cause a permanent termination of the subscriber's account and subscription as well as removal of any other personal data from their own mailing list. Virtual Sheet Music also often tries to "win-back" terminated or expired subscribers with discount offers, and eliminating or permanently "forgetting" personal data will eliminate Virtual Sheet Music's ability to make any such offers to the data subject.

If you are a data subject and and have requests of Virtual Sheet Music under GDPR related to your individual rights in your personal data, including a "request to be forgotten/for erasure," "rectification," etc., please Contact Us. Virtual Sheet Music will promptly review your request and respond to you.  

7. Which personal data does your company collect?

Most of the personal data that Virtual Sheet Music collects occurs in the user or subscriber account creation process, the payment and administration process, as well as the customer care and success processes including our double-opt-in system for our own Newsletter from which the user can unsubscribe at any time. Collected data on our systems typically consists of: subscriber or account-holder contact email address; display name (name or nick name); and data required to make a purchase, such as credit card details and billing information, including cardholder first and last name and billing address. PLEASE NOTE though that Virtual Sheet Music doesn't store credit card numbers. They are processed in realtime by our credit card processor PayPal.

Therefore, Virtual Sheet Music does not collect or process any sensitive personal data. 

8. Where are the headquarters of your company?

Virtual Sheet Music is headquartered in Laguna Niguel, California, USA.

9. Are your contracts, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policies aligned with the GDPR?


10. Are you offering data storage and all processing for your EU customers to take place within the EU?

As Virtual Sheet Music is headquartered in the United States and is not "established" anywhere in the EU, it does not see any advantage in hosting personal data in the EU, since Virtual Sheet Music will have no personnel in the EU to process any of the personal data in order to perform its obligations to its subscribers. 

11. Are you willing to sign the mandatory data processing agreement?

As answered in Question 4 (above), Virtual Sheet Music currently does not believe it is a data processor for a data controller, necessitating that it enter into customary and compliant data processing agreements with data controllers. However, should that change, in order to comply with GDPR, Virtual Sheet Music believes that both Virtual Sheet Music as a data processor and the data controller will need to enter into a compliant data processor agreement.  


      Virtual Sheet Music uses third-party services with their own privacy policies, including APIs from the listed companies below. Please, refer to the links below for details on such services' privacy policies:


      Virtual Sheet Music declares that this Privacy Statement conforms to current standard privacy guidelines.

      For additional information, please contact us.

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