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The Many Stories of Bill Fitzpatrick: Listening to Kremer with Ms Delay

Another funny story about attire and role models

In this video, Pro.f Fitzpatrick tells a story about Gidon Kremer and Ms. Delay.

Released on June 22, 2022

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Video Transcription

It was Gidon Kremer's debut at the Aspen Music Festival. He was performing Tchaikovsky concerto and he wore a nehru jacket and dark glasses which really wasn't an Aspen attire. Anyways he started playing like this… and stayed like that the whole concerto. Afterwards talking with Ms Delay I said that I thought it was a great performance and she said "Not good Billy". Startled I asked "what do you mean" And she said "Bad role model for the kids". We walked, debating, and now outside standing in the dirt, I looked at Ms Delay and drew a line with my foot. "Cross that line" and she put her hands on her hips and crossed the line one foot at a time. And we both cracked up laughing.
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Tosh * VSM MEMBER * on June 22, 2022 @4:12 pm PST
Seems to me that how one dresses up for a performance, so long as
it doesn't distract the audience from the musical values of the performance, shouldn't matter. Conductors like Seiji Ozawa and others have often dressed in idiosyncratic ways, instead of donning the usual black tux and white shirt. Of course there's always a line which shouldn't be crossed: case in point....there was a classical string quartet of 4 women who performed "nude"...while they may have been comely and attractive...surely nonetheless that distracted the audience from the purely musical values of their performance?
William - host, on July 3, 2022 @11:40 am PST
True! Back in the day those things were very noticeable. It highlighted our "discussion" about how low his violin went and thus the "role model"... Thanks for the comment!!!
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