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The Many Stories of Bill Fitzpatrick: Playing my own Mozart cadenzas

Another story about writing a cadenza for a Mozart's concerto

In this video, Prof. Fitzpatrick tells a story involving himself, Ms Delay, Zuckerman, and Perlman. And his own cadenza for a Mozart's concerto.

Released on July 27, 2022

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Video Transcription

So I was to play an early Mozart concerto with Ms Delay's summer student orchestra at Aspen that was organized by a student conductor she chose. When I started working on the concerto I realized there were no available cadenzas so I decided to write my own but did not take the time to research it. In fact I wrote the cadenzas while looking at a TV show. Well I played the concerto and back stage a parent came up and asked where I got the cadenzas. Rather than say I made them up I told her that I got them from the "gezalgzglab" in Austria. When she left I laughed, left the tent and that's when I ran into Ms Delay, Zuckerman and Perlman. They stopped and Perlman said "Hey Billy! Really liked the cadenza especially when it went "---------". They all chuckled while walking away.
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