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Rimsky-Korsakov - The Flight of the Bumblebee sheet music for clarinet and pianoSheet Music TabAudio TabView and enjoy related videos.Zip Tab

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The Flight of the Bumble Bee sheet music for Clarinet and Piano - Video Score
http://www.virtualsheetmusic.com/video156 The Flight of the Bumble Bee sheet music for Clarinet and Piano - Video Score. Subscribe to our channel to watch weekly Video Scores from our high quality sheet music collection. This Video Score is about Clarinet and Piano sheet music and related MP3 files. It gives you the opportunity to play the music directly...
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Reviews about The Flight of the Bumblebee:

Rating: 5 top piano accompaniment by on October 29, 2014 @5:23 pm PST
it makes fun to play the title with this piano accompaniment. Very fast, but ok.
Rating: 5 Good source for music by on January 21, 2014 @4:08 pm PST
The music I bought was clear and without errors (except for the ones I may make while playing). This is a good source for sheet music.
Rating: 5 Recommended by on October 25, 2011 @4:49 am PST
Recommended if you're after a little something to play for fun
Rating: 5 Flight of the Bumble Bee for clarinet and piano by on September 4, 2009 @5:51 am PST
Excellent sevice and very good quality when printed. I will definately use this service again! Tony Riley
Rating: 5 Damn it! by on March 12, 2008 @3:35 am PST
they are saying i should practice my chromatic scales variation and triads i think triads are easy but this chromatic scales are not fun at all it is easy when you are playing it slowly but not in fast mode.it easy very hard for me to play this because i love slow and love music which is normally slow and gentle.hope for those who want to attempt this piece be more disciplined.lol more practice a lot more practice specially the chromatic scale.good luck but luckily i have finish this piece and took me a lot of time
Rating: 4 way too hard. by on February 21, 2008 @3:52 pm PST
i dont know how ne 1 can play it . 6teenth notes get very
anoying. theres like no places to take a breath. That rimsky- korsarov guy must have been a genius to write this piece.
Rating: 4 very hard but very fun by on June 28, 2007 @2:26 am PST
it's a hard piece to master because you got one; the technique to worry about, and two; where to breathe. well, I use circular breathing (i don't think you've got a choice in this piece..^^) and my technique is up to it. Can play the whole thing, but sometimes (in the later section of the piece) those legato altissimo G's don't respond that well. oh and it's not chromatic. not totally, anyway.(sometimes jumps from f sharp to g sharp and stuff)
Rating: 5 WOAH. by on April 6, 2007 @2:46 pm PST
The notes are the easy part. Finding a place to breathe and the speed is like a gillion miles per second. I have never seen anybody play this peice, I think it'd be pretty awesome if a woodwind could actualy move their fingers that fast. Wouldn't you like get blisters or something?
Rating: 5 Wonderful by on November 8, 2006 @5:14 pm PST
Looks a lot harder to play than it really is. Its all chromatic. The only difficulty is finding a place to breath, but other that that its fairly simple. Its a wonderful piece of music, but only if you can play it well and up to tempo.
Rating: 5 impossible!!!!!!!!!! by on July 29, 2006 @6:17 pm PST
I have 2 say that this song must be the hardest piece of music in the world. if you consider in buying it please take the time 2 listen 2 the midi file and think about it first. I have tried 2 play it and well... let's just say that you kneed a lot of experience to play this along with the ability to hold air like a whale because this song has very little places to breath and if you don't then it will be a while till you find the next place to breath. Not for beginners

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