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Halloween Sheet Music for violin and piano Halloween Sheet Music for violin and piano  PDF fileHalloween Sheet Music for violin and piano  Mp3 files and accompanimentsView and enjoy related videos.Halloween Sheet Music for violin and piano  complete music files

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Halloween Night From Halloween Collection violin sheet music - Video Score
http://www.virtualsheetmusic.com/video67 Virtual Sheet Music presents Fabrizio Ferrari's, Halloween Night From Halloween Collection for violin and piano. Subscribe to our channel to watch weekly Video Scores from our high quality sheet music collection. This Video Score is about violin and piano sheet music and related MP3 files. It gives you the...
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Rating: 5 From a commercial idea to great musical possibilities! by Bram De Reuse on January 22, 2008 @6:33 am PST
Even if two music peaces comes from "our" F. Ferrari (and they are very valuable and appealing) there can be hesitation for purchasing it, so this was a good solution in combination with the Bach: why not give a little explanation that this Toc. And Fug. was in concept by Bach a peace for violin-solo: now it is a challenge (for the piano also!) to play it. (certainly in Belgium where this organ-peace became famous since it was played at the wedding off our deceased King Boudewijn). Naturally the Saint Saens was edited by the composer also for violin and piano, and this is only an excerpt but useful, just as the other arrangements. The Hungarian dance by Brahms is for me superfluous.

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