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Rating: 5 brahms laullaby on violin by rondo * VSM MEMBER * on December 15, 2015 @1:55 am PST
excellent demonstration by Lora Staples. Is there a part 5 on how to play Brahms lullaby?
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on December 15, 2015 @8:54 am PST
Thank you Rondo for your review and posting.

To answer your question, I am sorry, but there isn't a "Part 5" of the Brahms Lullaby video series:


Were you looking for any specific topic to cover that hasn't been covered in the above videos? Please, let me know. Thank you again.
Rating: 5 Absolutely amazing... by A Music Lover on August 22, 2007 @6:35 pm PST
PLEASE... Read my review.

Dear Fellow Music Lovers,

This is absolutely amazing and i love it. I am and experienced music student and this PIECE is among my favorites, Lullaby usually plays me to sleep. try that. I like all of it. Problem: it sounds more like guitar than violins. It isn't THAT accurate. Try out "Mozart: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik". another of my favorites. all the other "related Ones" sound nice and beautiful too. Click on the MIDI to begin if you are new! And post a review telling "A music Lover" that you like or dislike it. I check back often!


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