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Bach - Flute Suite No. 2 in B minor sheet music for flute and pianoSheet Music TabAudio TabVideo TabDownload PDF and audio MIDI, Mp3 files together.
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Johann Sebastian Bach: Suite No. 2 in B minor for flute and piano (.zip file, 23.2 Mb)
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Johann Sebastian Bach: Suite No. 2 in B minor for flute and piano (.zip file, 94.1 Mb)
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Reviews about Suite No. 2 in B minor:

Rating: 5 great music by on April 22, 2008 @7:53 pm PST
I was very excited to find this piece. It will be fun to play. Thanks
Rating: 5 Bach is great by on January 5, 2008 @6:54 am PST
This piece contains sections that are simpler than others, and some that are a little more advanced. I'm a self-taught flutist and I've been playing for almost two years. I love the instrument, and this piece Bach wrote for flute has always been a favorite to play...
It's such a beautiful suite! The minor key makes it sound reflective, but other parts which are more fast-paced make it energetic and lively. I highly recommend this piece of music to any fan of Bach, and even for those just looking for excellent music. I do warn that the piano accompaniment is challenging, but for someone with adequate experience, it's fine.
Rating: 5 This one is good. by on November 13, 2007 @7:53 am PST
I like this one and it is good.
Rating: 5 Wow. Thanks! by on July 17, 2007 @10:19 am PST
This work is just great because it offers some of, in my opinion, the most beautiful music written for flute, and yet it's more accessible than the original because it has a piano accompaniment! I love it. Well, if anyone gets picky and says a piano doesn't sound right, get a Clavinova and put the midi track on harpsichord! It's just such a great song! Try it, and I'm sure you'll like it!
Rating: 5 a very known and excellent music by  * VSM MEMBER * on April 14, 2007 @8:42 am PST
1.there was a mistake in the flute part. after i informed about that, the mistake was corrected in a very short time and the revised work was sent to me immediately, to my full satisfaction.
2. i am 60 years old and started playing flute 17 months ago. i am doing well with a very good teacher.
3. i am interested in classical music which i have been listening to all my life.
4.so far i am very satisfied with this web site. it is friendly to the user, clear and on a high musical level, as much as i can judge.

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