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Rain at Ghost...

by ZolaVan for piano solo

* Exclusive Production *

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This is a Virtual Sheet Music high quality digital item that includes:

This item contains one high quality PDF sheet music file ready to download and print.   Interactive Sheet Music icon   This item contains one Mp3 audio file ready to download and play.   This item contains one MIDI audio file ready to download and play. Download the complete .zip file for this item.

"This is beautiful. Can anyone help me out with finger placement of these runs? I'm struggling quite a bit ?" [show more]

About Rain at Ghost...:

High quality Digital sheet music for piano, Rain at Ghost Dance Canyon Trail: Dixon Springs, from "River to River Trail: The Hike", relaxing music

This item includes: PDF (digital sheet music to download and print), Interactive Sheet Music (for online playing, transposition and printing), MIDI and Mp3 audio files*
Genre: contemporary, children
Skill Level: easy
Pages: 8 (actual music: 5 pages)

Content details (with audio previews):
Gently Dancing
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Reviews about Rain at Ghost...:

Rating: 5 Finger placement help please by on April 15, 2016 @11:30 pm PST
This is beautiful. Can anyone help me out with finger placement of these runs? I'm struggling quite a bit ?
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on April 17, 2016 @9:24 am PST
Thank you for your comment. We'll definitively consider to add fingerings to this piece, thank you for your request!
Rating: 3 Where is the phrasing, dynamics, etc.?? by on December 25, 2015 @11:41 pm PST
I like the piece, but there seems to be no phrasing, dynamics of pedalling. Why??
Fabrizio Ferrari - moderator and CEO, on December 27, 2015 @9:08 am PST
Hello Ms. Sandra and thank you for your question. Well, fact is the author never provided us with such dynamics, therefore we engraved her music as provided. Please, let me know if you have any further questions.
Rating: 5 Beautiful Piece of Music by on November 10, 2014 @3:43 pm PST
Beautiful! What a beautiful talent Zola Van has. I can't believe I got it for free. If anyone is struggling out there with this piece, don't give up. It is way worth it.
I have a recital in Dec. I am playing this one!
Rating: 5 Beautiful Piece by on October 13, 2014 @7:41 am PST
I've always liked to play this style of music, and was pretty excited when I found this FREE piece by Zola Van! I have been playing the piano for a several years now and it didn't take me too long to learn the piece, but I would say the difficulty level is easy/intermediate. Thank you for offering free sheet music; I was pleasantly surprised when I found this beautiful piece of music.
Rating: 5 Wonderful by  * VSM MEMBER * on May 31, 2014 @8:10 pm PST
I agree with other reviewers, it's truly beautiful, but I don't think it's that easy, I'm a self-taught player for 3 years and now having to get lessons. I'm going to enjoy playing this piece though. Thank you very much.
Rating: 5 wonderful by on April 25, 2013 @9:05 pm PST
wow!I love it.I will listen everyday.M
Rating: 5 Magical by on July 13, 2009 @3:23 pm PST
constantly moving and fast-paced, but wonderfully magical
Rating: 5 Im falling in Love by on February 1, 2009 @3:17 am PST
I fell in love with from the first time too. I just searched randomly and i got a very nice piece.
Such a lovely music that bright up my whole day. Thank you very much!!!
Rating: 5 Fantastic by  * VSM MEMBER * on September 14, 2008 @12:43 pm PST
I fell in love with after hearing the first few seconds of it.
Rating: 5 Prettyful by on April 9, 2008 @4:34 pm PST
Very prettyful. gorgeous. :D

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