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About Interactive Sheet Music
What is Interactive Sheet Music?

Interactive sheet music allows you to interact with sheet music online such as transpose the music, play the music by following the score, change the playback tempo, and more. Currently we offer interactive sheet music for most VSM and Hal Leonard titles.

To enjoy Interactive Sheet Music for VSM titles, just click the "SHEET MUSIC" tab you find on any item's page, like the Ode to Joy's one for example. Once there, click the "Interactive" sub-tab to enjoy Interactive Sheet Music.

For Hal Leonard items, just click the "SHEET MUSIC" tab to display interactive sheet music directly. If the interactive viewer is not displayed and just a static page is shown instead, that means that that specific title doesn't have interactive sheet music available.

If you have any further questions or need any help with Interactive Sheet Music, please, contact us. Thanks!
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