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About Interactive Sheet Music
What is Interactive Sheet Music?

Interactive sheet music allows you to interact with sheet music online such as transpose the music, change the instruments, play the music, change the playback tempo and more. VSM Interactive Sheet Music uses Scorch technology. Scorch is a web browser plug-in by Sibelius software which allows the display of interactive sheet music within any web browser. Such displayed music can then be played, transposed, and printed without the installation of any additional software.

Hal Leonard's music uses a HTML 5 compatible system that is compatible with any computer, tablet and smart phone devices.

      Interactive Sheet Music for Virtual Sheet Music® items, is based on Scorch, a web browser plug-in by Sibelius software which allows music to be played, transposed, and printed, within your web browser, without the installation of any additional software.

How can I install Scorch for Interactive Sheet Music?

      On Internet Explorer browsers on Windows, Scorch will be automatically installed as soon as a webpage containing music requires it. On other browsers or platforms such as MacOS, the manual installation of Scorch is necessary.

To install Scorch manually, please follow the instructions below:

1. Download the Scorch installer appropriate for your platform from the Sibelius' website:


2. Once the installer has been downloaded, quit your browser, locate the downloaded installer, and double click on it to launch the installation process.

3. Follow the displayed instructions to complete the Scorch installation on your computer.

4. Once Scorch is installed, re-launch your web browser to display the music via Scorch where required.

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