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MIDI players
      To listen to your MIDI files, just choose one of the following free MIDI players:

  • Windows Media Player: this is the default application already installed on Windows operating systems (available for both Windows and Mac).

  • Quicktime player: this is one of the simplest MIDI players for any platform (available for both Windows and Mac).

  • Van Basco MIDI player: a great program which allows you to listen to your MIDI files off-line and to manage them powerfully for your music playing (available for Windows only).

  • AnvilStudio MIDI player: a powerful program to play and compose music (available for Windows only).

  • Sweet MIDI player: excellent MIDI player for any platform (available for both Windows and Mac).

      Note: Windows users can enjoy MIDI files with the Windows Media Player pre-installed on their machines as well as Mac users can enjoy MIDI files with the Quicktime player instead. For any further questions, please contact us.

Thank you!

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