Lora Staples - beginning violin and fiddle expert

How to play Bach's Air on G

Useful tips to approach playing on the G string

In this video, Lora gives you practical tips to master playing of the violin on the G string for a correct approach to the famous Air on the G string by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Released on September 4, 2013

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Comments, Questions, Requests:

Alister on March 21, 2017 @10:23 pm PST
Hello, thank you for this video, however as it has already been pointed out the title is misleading. Though the video is certainly useful, there is no instruction specifically on playing the piece in the title. I am currently tackling this piece but have started by playing the higher notes - anything higher than D on the D string. Is this OK or should I stop this approach and only play on the G string? (which is incredibly difficult!)
Mariko * VSM MEMBER * on February 6, 2016 @12:22 pm PST
Thanks for this great video. I always find it hard to sound good on the G string. Now I'm going to try and find the sweet spot for the G string and check if my bow goes straight!!! Thanks so much for your tips. This will definitely help me. :-)
Robyn on October 12, 2013 @2:18 am PST
Thanks again Lora for an informative video. Might sound overly simple ... but wouldn't it be logical to twist the violin scroll towards the front for G string? Make the stretch more manageable?
Lora - host, on October 13, 2013 @7:44 am PST
Hi Robyn,
Definitely, for some people that is a perfectly logical approach. But in my experience, that is the solution best used by those of us with shorter arms, in addition to tilting the violin, or adjusting it on the shoulder.

Yes, simply moving the scroll is great for a momentary fix....but if you are playing a whole entire piece that is mostly going to be on the D and G string....I think it would be worth it to adjust the violin on your shoulder.

But I like the way you think: choose the simplest route with the least disruption! Thanks for watching!
Lora - host, on September 19, 2013 @4:12 pm PST
Helen! OMG! Great to hear from you. I'd absolutely love to look you up in Utah. Come visit my website so we can keep in touch! (RedDesertViolin.com)
Helen Watts (Comer) on September 19, 2013 @2:26 pm PST
What a delight to see a glimpse of what you're doing professionally! Let me know if you're ever in Utah. Would love to hear from you.
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