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What is a Picardy Third?

Learn a remarkable use of a third interval in music

In this video, Robert tells you about this interesting and unique interval often used at the end of music pieces.

Released on July 5, 2017

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Video Transcription

Hi, this is Robert Estrin at and, with a really interesting show for you about the Picardy third. What is the Picardy third? Well the Picardy third is a very interesting note. It's a single note that can dramatically change the nature of the end of a composition. Simply, the Picardy third raises the third of the chord in the last note. From a piece that's in a minor key, you expect it to end in a minor chord, but then it tricks you, it ends in the major chord, for a really interesting spice. Listen, here's a cadence as you would expect it without the Picardy third, piece in the minor, ending on the minor.

Now listen to the difference when I put the major third at the end, the Picardy third. It's very uplifting, because it's unexpected. And a long piece that's very dramatic and sad, suddenly you have that ray of sunshine, right at the end of a piece. It's a nice little technique for pieces in the minor, if you want to give a little uplift at the end. Thanks so much for joining us here at and
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Seun Akin-Ajayi on July 5, 2017 @5:48 am PST
Interesting to know.


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