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How to play repeated notes on the piano

Practical tips and examples to master the art of repeated notes

In this video, Robert gives you practical tips to play repeated notes without slowing down the tempo. Robert shows you how to master this important piano technique by playing Scarlatti's Sonata in D minor K 141.

Released on November 6, 2013

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Shu Good on June 15, 2016 @5:10 pm PST
I am trying to learn Scarlatti K420 LS2 and my piano teacher told me to play the repeated notes with one finger. He said to start with my hand almost parallel to the keys and then start moving my finger to a perpendicular position while playing the notes. Will this approach work as well as the approach you gave?
Ken Cory * VSM MEMBER * on December 17, 2013 @7:41 pm PST
It's important to be aware that repeated notes are more difficult to play on digital keyboards or upright pianos, because they lack the double escapement mechanism available on grand pianos. So don't feel bad if you can't achieve the same velocity in repeated notes that Robert demonstrates. The same goes for trills.
Walter Zelinski on November 7, 2013 @9:56 am PST
Robert, YOU ROCK! I'm a self taught jazz piano player and your videos have improved my technique more in the short time I've been watching then the thiry years been playing. Keep it up brother!
Alfrd Bonello on November 6, 2013 @10:29 am PST
Excellent tuition
Gayle Hoefker on November 6, 2013 @6:02 am PST
Thanks so much Robert for your music videos. I used to play the piano many years ago as a teen, but I took up playing the flute almost 2 years ago; I am self-teaching myself. We travel a lot, and having a regular lesson time is inconvenient. I have gained many valuable tips from you to translate into my flute playing. Even though your videos are on piano, the tips and techniques transfer over to the flute. They have been very helpful. Thanks!!!
John Grosbeck on November 6, 2013 @5:23 am PST
Wonderful performance of the song! My jaw hit the desk. :D
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